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Dragon Ball: Vegeta is ready for battle in this wonderful figure

It is evident that the legendary story of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball is far from over, its popularity only increases with the passing of time, as more and more generations of fans are joining the franchise.

Because of this, the announcements keep on coming and to the good fortune of the fans, a spectacular Dragon Ball collectible figure has been announced that you will definitely want to add to your collection.

Vegeta from Dragon Ball shows his great strength in a figure

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Premium Bandai USA’s official Twitter account announced the upcoming release of a collectible figure inspired by the sayayin warrior Vegeta from the world famous Dragon Ball franchise.

Each and every one of the Dragon Ball characters have managed to win the affection, as well as many others the dislike of the fans. Vegeta’s case in Dragon Ball is particular. As the eldest son of the Sayana Royal Family and one of the few survivors of the genocide of his planet at the hands of Frezzer, Vegeta chooses to ally himself with the Z Warriors and live on Earth, becoming Goku’s adventure partner.

Vegeta is an apathetic and conceited character. Proud of being of the nobility, this makes him believe he is superior to others, so he becomes extremely cruel to others, despising them and betraying those around him. Being so confident of his abilities, he hates teamwork, accepting it only if it benefits his own interests.

The encounter with Goku was key to his development, because the big difference with him is his kindness. It was then when envy and frustration took over Vegeta when he felt that there was someone better than him, so he would set his goal to surpass him someday and become the best warrior.

At first Vegeta was seen as a rival to Goku, which gradually changed until it became a friendly rivalry, coming to see him with admiration and respect. Contrary to what was initially shown, an antagonistic Vegeta full of resentment, he became one of the main characters along with Goku, and a fundamental part of the plot of Dragon Ball.

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Let’s remember that the Premium Bandai USA line is dedicated to produce series of limited edition figures and of course of great detail in each of their creations. Therefore, this Dragon Ball figure certainly belongs to a very special collection.

It is a scale figure of Vegeta with his iconic combat armor from the Freezer Saga. Conforming by his mostly royal blue suit, both his shirt and pants, accompanied by his white armor with yellow shoulder pads, white gloves and boots, without forgetting his fiusha-colored tracker in the left eye. With his usual hairstyle, his look full of confidence and a defiant expression, Vegeta arrives in incredible figure.

This figure is available at the link below and is of course articulated, so you can recreate various battle poses. It also contains different facial expressions that can be interchangeable and his tracker is removable. It is priced at $65, and as mentioned before, being a limited edition figure, a pre-sale is required to purchase it, and it is scheduled to reach the hands of fans in June 2024.

It is possible that later you will find this figure and other Dragon Ball collectible figures at a much higher price in resale, so we suggest you to make your presale as soon as possible if you have in mind to add it to your collection.

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