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Dragon Ball: Trunks’ Prophecy Becomes a Funny Meme

May 12 is a special date for Dragon Ball fans, as they remember that Trunks‘ prophecy is fulfilled, in which after returning from the future he tells Goku about the events that would happen on this date, warning him about the arrival of two very powerful beings that would be the androids. On this occasion, this important event in Dragon Ball was remembered as a meme in social networks, which caused many laughs among internet users.

Trunks’ prophecy from Dragon Ball is remembered in a very funny way on the internet

Dragon Ball Trunks

If you’re a Dragon Ball fan, you almost certainly remember very well the speech Trunks communicates to Goku about what he learned on his trip to the future and what would be in store for this character on May 12, three years after the conversation they were having at the time. These were Trunks’ exact words:

“Three years from now, on May 12, at 10 o’clock in the morning, on a small island that is nine kilometers from the southern capital, two powerful individuals will appear. They will be terrible monsters that no one will dominate. They are cybernetic androids and their creator is one of the mad scientists of the Red Patrol, Dr. Maki Gero.”

This celebration of Dragon Ball fans became so viral that they surprised even people who are not followers of this series, so as is normal on the internet, when something manages to have a great reach, people tend to make all kinds of publications, memes, jokes and the news grows more and more. Such was the case with Instagram user @geowhiteof who shared a video where at the beginning we can see just the part of the anime where Trunks and Goku are having this conversation, but it has a quite unexpected ending and we see a very animated older lady sharing beers with more ladies.

This video of the lady also went viral, since many people published it making jokes alluding to the month of the mother, which is celebrated in much of the world in the month of May, so it seemed the perfect occasion to combine two dates that take place in this month. As this was something unforeseen, it caused funny reactions from Dragon Ball fans, who expressed themselves in the comments saying that they found the meme funny or sharing personal anecdotes about Mother’s Day.

Dragon Ball Profecía Trunks

Some people said things like “Is it today? I’m already looking for them” “They are attacking today” “Have you seen them around? In Guadalajara they are not seen” “Nothing happened, they forgot to come”. Other comments made direct allusion to the celebration of mothers, such as “En la madrugada comienza el desastre” “Quiero unirme a esos androides”, referring to how much fun the ladies are having at the gathering where they are happily drinking beer. And finally, many people shared that May 12 is their birthday.

This was the end of this entertaining publication on the Internet that had a double function: to remember an important event in one of the most popular and beloved anime in this community, such as Dragon Ball. And also to commemorate, in a very nice way, a day that many people around the world celebrate as Mother’s Day, making this a nice time for internet users to have fun for a moment.

Dragon Ball Trunks Y Goku

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