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Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO becomes a bestseller after revealing its release date

Dragon Ball fans are more excited than ever about the long-awaited return of the fighting game saga, Budokai Tenkaichi. Bandai Namco announced that a new installment for modern consoles titled Sparking! ZERO (which was always the title of this saga in Japan) was in development. But recently a concrete release date for this game was confirmed, which led fans to start pre-ordering it like crazy.

Dragon Ball fans are already getting ready to play Sparking! ZERO

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Bandai Namco surprised everyone when they revealed an incredible new trailer for Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO during the recent Summer Game Fest 2024 presentation. In this video, not only we could enjoy the beautiful stylized graphics and unbridled action of this fighting title, but they also made a surprise announcement of its release date: Sparking! ZERO will be available from October 11, 2024, which excited fans who thought they wouldn’t be able to play it until next year.

As noted by user @DB_Simplemente on Twitter, this caused people to start pre-ordering their copies of Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO almost immediately, causing this game to hit the #1 Amazon Sales Rank in just a few hours for both its PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series X/S versions. @DB_Simply concludes his tweet with the epic phrase “Budokai Tenkaichi Fever begins,” which is 100% accurate. After all, this is the long-awaited return of the most popular and beloved Dragon Ball video game sub-series of the entire franchise.

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It should be noted that the last installment in this saga was the spin-off Tenkaichi Tag Team in 2010, more than 14 years ago. The Dragon Ball franchise has enjoyed other excellent video games since then, such as Xenoverse, Kakarot or the excellent FighterZ. However, fans kept asking for the return of the epic 3D fights of the Budokai Tenkaichi saga, and Bandai Namco finally listened to them. The best part is that they once again collaborated with Spike Chunsoft studio to develop Sparking! ZERO, so we can be sure that this new installment will have the same essence as the previous titles.

2024 continues to be one of the most emotional years for fans of the most popular anime & manga around the world. The great Akira Toriyama passed away last March, but his legacy continues through all the exciting projects currently in production, such as the new animated series known as Dragon Ball DAIMA. But the return of the Budokai Tenkaichi saga is undoubtedly one of the most interesting ones, as it will surely manage to keep Toriyama’s masterpiece alive. Remember that Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO will be available for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S from October 11th. Don’t miss it!

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