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Dragon Ball: This real version of the android number 18 made fans fall in love with it

Dragon Ball is one of the most famous works in the anime and manga world, and even one of the biggest in the global entertainment industry. Despite its years, it remains as popular as ever, thanks to a solid fan base, a simple but effective plot, and a great cast of characters that have evolved with the fans. Among them, there is a girl who has won the hearts of many otakus from the past, we are talking about Android 18, who today brings us together to appreciate her beauty in a different but equally attractive way.

This is how Android 18 from Dragon Ball would look like in a realistic version!

Dragon ball version realista androide 18

The generation of images by artificial intelligence is at its peak, as it is more and more common and easy to create and see illustrations where our favorite anime and manga characters are the protagonists, where we can also explore new facets that highlight their beauty and charm.

This time, the user on pixiv called “ai girls heaven” gives us an illustration where we see what Android 18 from “Dragon Ball” would look like in a realistic version. At first glance, we can admire this splendid image of the most iconic “waifu” of the franchise, and she looks mesmerizing.

In this “live-action” version, we see Android 18 wearing on the top her black shirt with white sleeves adorned with details of very thin stripes, the iconic denim vest that we see her for the first time when she was introduced in the androids saga is also present, on the bottom we also see the denim skirt along with some black stockings that give her a touch of elegance and that make her large thighs stand out in a very sensual way, as well as this outfit as a whole lets us see her curvy figure.

The accessories are faithfully represented in her cowboy-style belt and the gold earrings that she wears in her ears, the facial expression that Android 18 from Dragon Ball gives us reflects an innocent air, but at the same time very mysterious with which you have to be careful, finally this great image has a background of a city in ruins that reminds us of the alternative future where the androids have eliminated all the “Z Warriors” and where Trunks is the only one left to protect the earth. Simply a very attractive image in its entirety.

Dragon ball androide numero 18 destacada

Once again, Dragon Ball fans and Android 18 have given us a very beautiful image where we see again the beauty of this girl, but now brought to real life, we have no doubt that if this waifu existed in real life, she would have a solid fan base and “simps” on social networks, but for now we can only admire her attractiveness in this illustration that all fans give us.

Tell us and tell us what you thought of this image and if you like this type of illustrations generated by artificial intelligence where the most beautiful protagonists of anime and manga come to “life” in our plane, or if on the contrary you are one of those who prefer that their waifus stay in the “2D” world, we are very interested in knowing your opinion.

Androide 18

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