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Dragon Ball fans amused by fan-made opening of Vegeta

Dragon Ball is a story that has an extensive universe in terms of its history and characters. That is why it is very common to find images, videos and things related to Dragon Ball created by fans who express how much they like this world created by Akira Toriyama. This type of content also generates interaction among Dragon Ball fans, which among other things helps to maintain the popularity of the story.

On this occasion, a fanpage through Facebook shares a fan-produced opening video starring the popular Vegeta. The video was originally generated by this user called Prince Vegeta who is dedicated to making Dragon Ball videos with the characters in different situations on his Youtube channel.

Vegeta from Dragon Ball starring in this opening accompanied by Android 18 and Bulma.

We start the video with the introduction of some Dragon Ball characters such as Android number 18, Trunks, Bra, Kale and finally Majin Vegeta. Subsequently, the scene changes to Vegeta looking at the sky remembering his father King Vegeta. We proceed to a change of attire and a close up of Vegeta’s glasses where some beautiful girls pass by such as Bulma, Android 18, Android 21 in its normal version and Majin and finally, for some unknown reason, Tsunade from Naruto also appears.

The scene changes to Vegeta driving a motorcycle along with Android 18 and Bulma, both girls with sensual outfits, then Tsunade appears chasing them with an annoyed expression on her face and suddenly, Android 21 appears in its normal version to immediately transform into its Maijin version, transforming Tsunade into a giant cupcake and taking her away. Then we change the scene to Vegeta accompanied by a group of characters, to move to a scene of him walking alone on the street and end with Vegeta accompanied by several members of the series.

Dragon Ball Slick Goku

In this material we find many references to some inside jokes of the fandom, for example the appearance of the avatar of a famous Youtuber called Slick Goku who was also dedicated to making sketches of the Dragon Ball universe and who unfortunately passed away in January 2023. Another reference is an afro version of Goku that comes from a Youtube content creator called SSJ9K who is dedicated to create rap battles of different characters and one of them was of this version of Goku.

The response from Dragon Ball fans was mostly positive, praising the creator’s editing skills, commenting that it was quite funny, that they would really like to see a series of this style with Vegeta as the main character and there were even some people who asked if this was real. Listening to the song with which it was accompanied, this material also brought back nostalgia and memories of their childhood or youth. Undoubtedly, the occurrences of the fans can make the community spend very funny moments with inventions like this.

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