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Dragon Ball: Evolution Actor Expresses Condolences to Akira Toriyama

The recent passing of Akira Toriyama has left not only Dragon Ball anime and manga fans devastated, but generations of fans who grew up following the adventures of Goku and company, grandparents, parents and children today mourn the departure of one of the most iconic people known worldwide.

Dragon Ball: Evolution Actor and His Heartfelt Condolences to Legend Akira Toriyama

Actor De Dragon Ball: Evolution Expresa Sus Condolencias A Akira Toriyama

Recently, the actor Justin Chatwin who gave life to none other than Goku in the world famous film “Dragon Ball: Evolution” shared a few words on his Instagram profile, “Rest in peace, brother, and I’m sorry we ruined that adaptation so much”, this message serves as an apology and in turn honors the memory of Akira Toriyama.

Apparently not even the actor himself was indifferent to such an event, I think we could say that all anime fans, as well as countless outsiders, for a moment their lives were put on hold after such devastating news, and is that we are aware of the great cultural impact that Dragon Ball has had?

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The work of Akira Toriyama is known even by our moms, all the characters as well as collectible figures, all without exception were “Goku“, the recognition of this character was such that many people outside the anime, referred to the Dragon Ball franchise as Goku, the affection for this character is immense.

We are facing a work that has captivated generations, that has managed to unite fans in every corner of the world, that has inspired other franchises such as One Piece or Fairy Tail and that also continues to this day, its cultural impact is unprecedented, it helped anime and its culture to become popular, lots of scenes from the Dragon Ball franchise have been paid tribute to or parodied in other franchises, characters as well as other elements of the story are recognized without even saying the name of the anime.

Actor De Dragon Ball Evolution Expresa Sus Condolencias A Akira Toriyama
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The mark left by Akira Toriyama with his work Dragon Ball is indelible, he popularized the Shonen and also his story is a reference that thousands of creators use to create their own stories, not just manga, imagine how many artists started drawing their first sketch of their favorite Dragon Ball character or how many tattoo artists captured on the skin of a fan a scene, panel of the manga or anime, as well as a favorite character of the franchise.

The epic battles that Dragon Ball gave us are already part of popular culture, seeing those fights to the death, extraordinary powers and how our protagonist overcame his rivals, generating a new evolution that made all viewers scream or get excited, what other anime has made fans raise their hands in front of a screen to lend their power to the protagonist?

Undoubtedly the sudden departure of Akira Toriyama is something that will remain engraved in the minds of all his fans, Dragon Ball will remain for history, its story full of action and adventure has captivated anime lovers and non-anime fans around the world, this fact is something that will not go unnoticed and is something that we will remember with sadness and affection as the years go by.

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