Dorohedoro to return with a sequel

It’s been more than 3 years since the anime adaptation of the manga “Dorohedoro” aired its last episode on the Netflix platform (Japan), and a few days before the anniversary of the series’ premiere, their respective official media released an incredible news that has excited fans of the franchise: Dorohedoro will have a sequel.

Dorohedoro to return with long-awaited sequel

Dorohedoro Visual Min

According to information provided on the official website for the anime adaptation of the manga “Dorohedoro“, the series will be back with a sequel that will adopt a “broadcast series” format and a visual image for this new installment has been revealed.

At the moment, many details about this sequel to the Dorohedoro anime remain unknown. However, the franchise’s official media is expected to provide the public with further updates on its production and possibly reveal a release date in the coming months.

Dorohedoro Secuela Visual

Dorohedoro is a seinen manga that is written and illustrated by Q Hayashida. The work began its publication in the magazine Gekkan Ikki of the Shogakukan publishing house since 2000, moving to other magazines such as Hibana (2015) and Monthly Shonen Sunday (2017), where it ended its serialization in 2018.

It is relevant to note that the anime adaptation of the manga “Dorohedoro” made its debut on the Netflix platform (Japan) on January 13, 2020. This adaptation consisted of a total of 12 episodes, being produced by the animation studio MAPPA.

Dorohedoro Visual

Dorohedoro” immerses us in a dark and ruthless setting called Hole, a decadent and chaotic district where the law of the strongest reigns, and death is as common as the dust that collects in its alleys. This realm, isolated from all ethics and legality, serves as a testing ground for those who possess the mastery of magic, an elite that considers the inhabitants of Hole mere insects, willing to be killed, mutilated or used as experimental subjects without the slightest hint of remorse.

In this bleak landscape, the magic users wield unbridled power, with little challenge to their authority and unfettered access to Hole’s misery. They seem indomitable to most, but not to all. Caiman, a figure more reptilian than human, stands as an exception. Armed with a pair of bayonets and a unique immunity to magic, Caiman relentlessly pursues magic users in search of answers that will allow him to regain his normal life, cursed by his appearance and tormented by nightmares that haunt him.

Despite the difficulties he faces, Caiman is not alone in his odyssey. Nikaidou, his companion and owner of the Hungry Bug restaurant, becomes his most valuable ally. With their free access to the septic tank and determination to challenge the magic users, this odd couple ventures into a world where the line between human and monster is blurred, and the struggle for survival and normalcy rages in the sinister alleys of Hole.

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