Doom 2016 is now playable everywhere as original doom

If you were excited about the recent announcement of DOOM: The Dark Ages, then you’re going to love this news. You’re probably more than familiar with the 2016 reboot that put this classic FPS franchise back on the map. But, while it was originally playable on home consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One, one fan managed something impossible: Play DOOM 2016 on a RedMagic-branded cell phone.

Want to play DOOM 2016 on mobile, now you can!

Doom 2016 Corriendo En Un Celular Redmagic #1

This was reported by the Twitter account known as Pixel Gamer 4k: YouTuber InfiniX, who is usually dedicated to testing how well numerous video games run on different mobile devices, tested the PC version of DOOM 2016 on a RedMagic 8 Pro cell phone. Judging by the screenshots and people’s reactions, we can declare that it looks pretty good. After all, this is a video game with an amazing graphical section that has a fast and dynamic combat system, so it’s good news that its presentation is not compromised by the transition to portable hardware.

Of course, we were not too surprised by this feat because we are talking about RedMagic, a brand that many in the industry are already quite familiar with. They are dedicated to making mobile devices designed for gamers and we have even given a very positive review to the product used in this test with DOOM 2016, the RedMagic S Pro. The gaming industry has changed drastically in recent years and now specialized smartphones can reach the level of power needed to be on par with home consoles.

Doom 2016 Corriendo En Un Celular Redmagic #2

Of course, as the name suggests, DOOM 2016 is a video game that came out over 8 years ago, so maybe this doesn’t seem so surprising. But unfortunately, right now there is no official mobile version of this title. We don’t know if Microsoft and Bethesda didn’t do it because of technical issues, but the fact that fans were able to port it to mobile before the big million-dollar companies did is a huge accomplishment in itself. Though of course, if you’re interested in trying this excellent FPS on the go, keep in mind that there is a Nintendo Switch version that runs surprisingly well.

We hope that someday an official version of DOOM 2016 will be developed for mobile devices, as this is an excellent video game that revitalized this iconic franchise, leading to the release of its incredible sequel, Eternal and the exciting third installment that has just been revealed, The Dark Ages. Until then, we’ll keep an eye on what RedMagic 8 Pro users can do on this powerful device. What other modern video games would you like to see ported to this cell phone?

Póster Oficial De Doom 2016

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