Disney+ and its lack of interest in anime generates anger in networks

On the popular Reddit platform a small debate was opened where Disney+ played an important role in this interesting discussion and it seems that Internet users commented on how unpleasant it is the little interest that this platform shows for the anime licenses it has in its catalog Have you ever Disney has recommended any anime work? Or have you ever seen an anime series on your home screen?

Disney+ doesn’t like to promote its anime series

Disney+ Está Arruinando El Anime

The recent death of Akira Toriyama devastated the whole world, fans of the Dragon Ball series are still mourning the loss of the man who changed anime forever, generations of parents and children shared their love for the fights and the incredible evolutions of Goku. That’s why it comes as a surprise when we talk about Sand Land, the latest work of the beloved Toriyama, which, to the ignorance of many, has been released on the Disney+ platform, so the debate was not long in coming.

“Wow, I didn’t know Sand land went to Disney. I didn’t even know it had come out yet”, this was a comment left by a user on Reddit and apparently everyone agreed that the platform does not handle the advertising of its anime series very well. And that is why many of us do not even know what anime are there or do not even know that the platform contains anime.

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The case of the big streaming company “Netflix” was also discussed, and how despite the fact that its catalog continues to expand more and more, adding a lot of titles known by anime fans, at the beginning it was not easy to start licensing these series. But now we can already see it with a more varied catalog and it has surprised us with some series in broadcast on par with Crunchyroll, such is the case of the second season of Vinland Saga.

Several Internet users already categorize Disney+ as “The anime graveyard”, the platform does not give diffusion to its licenses, its anime series do not appear visible and also a great dissatisfaction on the part of users is that they claim that their suggestions never throw series that are of interest to them “it seems that the platform does this on purpose” is what many of them comment.

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Why not just have an anime-centric startup to generate excitement not only for the anime they are licensing, but also for their D+ programs? This was a comment left by another user who complemented it by alleging the poor marketing the platform has. Another interesting topic brought up in this discussion was the lack of interest given to non-American audiences.

How many anime series came to the West with English names? Attack on Titan would not have been so well known if it was named as Shingeki no Kyojin, another similar case is Kimetsu no Yaiba, a joke was created from here and it is that for older otaku it is not a problem to name these series with their Japanese names. But, on the other hand, and thanks to the popularization of streaming platforms, the series are mostly known by their English names: if these people talk to an anime fan and he talks about Nanatsu no Taizai they won’t understand why he didn’t say The Seven Deadly Sins.

As you can see, the issue of bad advertising by Disney+ towards anime series is not something new, but it is an issue that continues to bother fans today, users expect something to be done about it and that the platform listens to the opinion of its subscribers.

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