Digimon prepares to launch a new project by 2024

As we all know, Digimon is a franchise that has long been trying to establish a high position within the gaming industry, but many times they have delivered titles that fans do not end up liking or simply do not feel like the franchise should be and that has hindered the release of new games looking for what fans are looking for in a game of this great franchise.

Digimon surprises with new project trailer

This news came a few days ago where through a video on the YouTube platform was shown a small trailer of the new Digimon project and this is the announcement of their new card game, which would be preparing for next year, that’s right as you read Digimon is preparing to launch a card game which will compete with its competitors Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh.

In the trailer we are not shown much more than a few words saying “Metaverse” and “For freedom” which are the most notable of this trailer, because outside of that we can take the rest as a series of random words, so it would be too much to assume that the announcement has a social aspect, like a new MMO with the Digimon card game.

Digimon Personajes

Another possibility is a new original story made exclusively for the new Digimon game, which could also mean a new anime, although all this is just speculation, some fans are already eager to try this new title and to know what it will bring with it, although we are not far from knowing more information, since before finishing the preview tells us that we will have more news in December.

Undoubtedly this is a great bet from Digimon and we are all eager to see more of this project, besides giving hope that it will not be delayed and come with everything they will announce, since releasing a card game when there are very strong rivals in this genre can affect the future when it comes out or when it is in operation.

Digimon Cierre De Nota

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