Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer: How beautiful Nezuko would look as a Japanese student

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) has been one of the most talked about in recent days for various reasons, from the wonderful adaptation of the manga to anime, the announcement of the format in which the series will conclude or the last chapter of this season among many other things that have surprised fans. And to take advantage of this popularity on the part of the anime, many fans have begun to create illustrations of all kinds, such as this one made by a user focused on the cute Nezuko, this time dressed as a cute student with her corresponding outfit.

Nezuko from Demon Slayer turns into a cute student in these pictures

Nezuko De Demon Slayer Luce Como Linda Estudiante En Imágenes
Nezuko De Demon Slayer Luce Como Linda Estudiante En Imágenes

The beautiful Nezuko is brought to life with a series of images that show us Tanjiro’s sister as a cute student. This character is one of the most beloved of the franchise, so when we have news of it, no matter how small it may be, it is something that does not go unnoticed and even more when we see the great work to represent the young girl in a way never seen before in the main anime.

This time we have the character of Demon Slayer with a cute student outfit, an outfit that we have seen countless times in a lot of series, being more common in school series, romantic or slice of life. Here we see Nesuko in her two-piece outfit, an adorable grey skirt with boards is what our demon is wearing. On the top she wears a dark sweater, white and pink are two tones that characterize our character, then it would be strange to see her without these tones, here they are present in the sailor collar that wears her blouse and protrudes from her sweater where it is adorned by lines and pink bow.

The fantastic thing about a fanart is to be able to look at a character in a completely different scenario than the one you are used to by taking him out of his original work and transporting him to another space and time. This kind of images can be made in different ways, the important thing here is the result and above all to make the fans happy, such is the case of these beautiful images of Nezuko from Demon Slayer.

Nezuko De Demon Slayer Luce Como Linda Estudiante En Imágenes
Nezuko De Demon Slayer Luce Como Linda Estudiante En Imágenes

We can also notice the Demon Slayer character carrying his student backpack, this accessory appears in several images. On the other hand, we must talk about the expression on little Nezuko’s face which is adorable in all the illustrations: the charm of her face is centered on her eyes which were portrayed as the main attraction, they are big, pink and very angelic, and they are also enhanced by the blush on her cheeks that helps them stand out.

In many of the images we can see Nezuko in different scenarios, mainly highlighting the school as the hallway or the classroom, the poses of the Demon Slayer character are different in each illustration, we see her sitting, running or grabbing a bread. That’s right! Taking a bread, in many images this element is quite recurrent and it is incredibly cute.

Nezuko De Demon Slayer Luce Como Linda Estudiante En Imágenes

Nezuko is one of the most beloved characters of this Demon Slayer franchise, from the moment we met the character and saw how her brother chapter by chapter, his greatest desire is to help his sister, has managed to move us. And the love that these siblings have for each other is so great that they would give their lives for each other and we have seen this more than once.

The last events that happened in the Demon Slayer anime are still fresh in our minds and it is a reality that the general public will not stop talking about this series when the final arc reaches us. Besides, its characters are loved, the animation is amazing and it has already cemented its foundations so well that its fans are very loyal, we expect new news soon from this wonderful series.