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DC Comics’ “Batman Ninja” sequel officially announced

DC Comics, from Warner Bros., showed off with one of its animated movies adapted in Japan and has announced, after 6 years, the sequel to one of its biggest hits “Batman Ninja“, which will be called “Batman Ninja vs Yakuza League“. This movie has as its character designer Takashi Okazaki himself, who is well known in the industry, and that has raised a lot of hype from fans to see the continuation of this superhero so recognized in an aesthetic of the most striking.

“Batman Ninja vs Yakuza League” recreates the mystique of the first film at an exponential level.

La Secuela De “Batman Ninja” De Dc Comics Es Anunciada De Forma Oficial

Through its official social networks, such as Twitter/X, the Batman Ninja anime announced the long-awaited sequel to the first film, being that, although not too much information was shown about the project, what was confirmed, as we mentioned, is the name it will carry: “Batman Ninja vs. Yakuza League“, which has already begun to revolutionize the networks, especially those who were waiting for a continuation of this incredible story.

Batman or Battoman in Japanese showed that even with limited technology he is capable of too much in the first Batman Ninja feature film, now he returns recharged, with more allies, antagonists, enemies and waves of enemies. After the events of the first film, the action and excitement levels are expected to increase considerably, and we will learn a little more of Batman’s history with this particular aesthetic.

As expected, fans in the different official publications showed their happiness before this event, being that the comments present in these were to celebrate the arrival of a long-awaited sequel, in addition to images or gifs were used to demonstrate their happiness. Now, we can only wait for new information to be revealed as the months go by, including the release date, as well as the people who will play the characters in the Batman Ninja sequel.

La Secuela De “Batman Ninja” De Dc Comics Es Anunciada De Forma Oficial

For those who do not know the original story of “Batman Ninja“, this presents us how while the hero was fighting against Gorilla Grodd in Arkham Asylum, by accident, he falls on a time displacement machine, so he ends up traveling to feudal Japan, but that will be, at first, the least of his problems. As soon as he arrives there, he is chased by the samurai who work for the Joker, and the other supervillains of Gotham had also been sent there, only two years before Batman because of the distance they were with respect to the machine.

Settling a little better in this era, Batman discovers that all those villains who were locked up in Arkham have now become feudal lords, now battling each other to take full control of the territory, being Batman’s duty to stop them from affecting the future and also to return to his time. Now, in an era where their technologies are no longer futuristic, the hero will have to fight in the most classic way possible, although he will not be alone, since as well as the villains, many of his allies are also in that corrupted feudal Japan.

La Secuela De “Batman Ninja” De Dc Comics Es Anunciada De Forma Oficial

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