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Date a Live: Kurumi’s new design sparks debate

The season 5 of Date a Livehas been recently released, which has its fans quite happy, since two years had passed since the premiere of season 4. One of the things that caught the attention was the design of Kurumi, who is one of the most popular characters of the series. That is why the change in her animation did not go unnoticed by the fans and they began to comment about this fact in social networks where a debate was raised on the subject and many people gave some possible reasons for this change.

Date a Live’s Kurumi Tokisaki had design changes that shocked fans

Date A Live Kurumi Animación

It was through Twitter/X that user @6d5k7y posted a publication containing an image of Kurumi comparing her animation from the first season with the recently released fifth season. At the top we see Kurumi’s latest design, where her iconic two-colored eyes can be seen, meeting at a very close angle and with a somewhat sinister expression. While at the bottom of the image, we see her version from the first season and, despite having her eyes closed where her expression is not clearly visible, there is a considerable change between the two animations.

In previous seasons of Date a Live, the design felt more careful, giving her a more tender and delicate look. Whereas in this new season, it feels a bit rough, losing some of those cute features that characterized her. In the comments, many people debated about these modifications in Date a Live season 5 that they noticed, saying that although it was the same seiyuu, it was true that the animation in Kurumi was different from previous seasons. And they expressed themselves with comments such as, “The bottom part is cute, but the top part is really scary (supershock) Just like the name says, her expression is crazy.”

Despite this, not all responses were complaints, as several people stated that they liked both versions of this Date a Live character, saying “I love both the bottom and the distorted smile on the top. “There were people who even made jokes about it with things like, “He kissed Shido 204 times, so it’s the power of love!”. Certain fans of the anime, on the other hand, said they didn’t really notice any differences in Kurumi’s animation. So there were really all kinds of opinions regarding these differences that were found in the design of the beautiful waifu of Date a Live.

Date A Live Kurumi Animación

The newly released season of Date a Live is being directed by Jun Nakagawa, the character design is in charge of Naoto Nakamura and the music composition will be provided by Go Sakabe. Fumihiko Shimo will write the script for this new part of Date a Live. All the aforementioned people have already been part of the anime in the past, so a great job is expected from them. It will have a total of 12 chapters as it is already standard in this anime, and it is expected that at the end of this a second part will be announced for this fifth season.

And in case you still don’t know what Date a Live is about, here we have Shido, a normal boy who studies high school and discovers a mysterious young woman near where a space earthquake has just occurred. Through his sister Kotori, Shido discovers that this girl is a Spirit, these mythical creatures that cause this kind of phenomena. As a result, Shido is called upon to help “seal” the spirits and end the threat they pose. But there’s a problem, the only way to seal a spirit is to make it fall in love with you.

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