Dandadan coming to Netflix and Crunchyroll in October

After confirming its premiere for October this year, the anime adaptation of the supernatural comedy shonen manga “Dandadan” has released new updates about its broadcast and through its official website confirmed that it will be broadcast legally through the Crunchyroll and Netflix platforms. Additionally, both platforms have presented a version of the first visual image of the series.

Dandadan anime coming to Netflix and Crunchyroll in October

Dandadan Anime Visual 1

Previously, the staff members who will be involved in the production of the Dandadan anime were introduced to the public:

Fuuga Yamashiro is leading the direction of the anime, while the production responsibility lies with the animation studio Science SARU. Hiroshi Seko plays a crucial role as supervisor and writer of the anime’s scripts. Naoyuki Onda is dedicated to character design, while Yoshimichi Kameda brings his talents to the design of aliens and supernatural entities in the animation. The soundtrack is composed by Kensuke Ushio.

Voice Cast Members:

  • Shion Wakayama As Momo Ayase
  • Natsuki Hanae As Okarun
  • Mayumi Tanaka As Turbo-Granny
  • Kazuya Nakai As Alien Serpo
Dandadan Manga Vol 1

The Dandadan manga is written and illustrated by Yukinobu Tatsu and began publication in Shueisha’sShonen Jump+” service on April 6, 2021. Currently, Shueisha Publishing has collected the Dandadan manga into 13 volumes in total and has more than 3.2 million copies in circulation.

In November of this year, Shueisha Publishing confirmed that Yukinobu Tatsu’s manga, Dandadan, will have an anime adaptation. Along with this announcement, it was reported that the animation studio Science SARU will be in charge of its production.

Dandadan Min

Dandadan” plunges us into a fascinating journey between the occult and the supernatural, weaving an ingenious plot full of surprises. The story follows Momo Ayase, a young woman who, after an aggressive rejection, finds herself involved in a chance encounter with a bullied boy. This mysterious young man, passionate about the occult, tries to find common ground with Momo, who, in turn, professes a belief in ghosts.

What begins as a dispute over the real and the imaginary becomes a wager that leads both protagonists to separately explore places associated with both the occult and the supernatural. The surprise comes when they discover that both dimensions coexist, triggering a series of surreal events.

As they immerse themselves in this world where the unexplainable intertwines with the everyday, Momo and the boy embark on an adventure to restore the balance between the supernatural and the real. “Dandadan” promises a captivating narrative, exploring magic, mysteries and connections beyond the obvious, as the characters struggle to regain a normal life in the midst of the extraordinary.