Cygames allegedly plagiarized Saya no Uta game according to fans

Cygames is one of the biggest developers in the world, with several titles behind it, such as the Shadowverse saga, which is one of, if not the most, well known of all and has fans all over the world thanks to the different characters it has given us. But now the developer has a problem on its hands, or at least that is what many fans are commenting on the internet, as it would have plagiarized the visual novel Saya no Uta in this title, thus opening a new controversy.

Saya no Uta is said to have been plagiarized by Cygames in one of its titles.

Cygames Habría Plagiado Al Juego Saya No Uta Según Los Fans

Cygames is one of the biggest developers today, so it is not surprising the large number of fans it has worldwide, with different titles such as the Granblue Fantasy saga or Shadowverse, a popular collectible card game. But now this developer is in controversy due to this title, which would have plagiarized in part to another game, in this case the visual novel Saya no Uta (The song of Saya) in several aspects, or at least that is what several users shared on the internet.

From one of the most popular comment forums in Japan, a more than interesting number of fans of the visual novel Saya no Uta, mentioned how some aspects of this title were used by Cygames in Shadowverse. More precisely, the similarities were in one of the characters available in the game’s story mode, Asher, who resembled in some aspects, such as his personality and plot, with that of the protagonist of Saya no Uta, something that caught the attention of users.

And in the different comments of the publication we see how the accusations against Cygames are several, from how the developer was already dedicated in the past to make this type of plagiarism in the past, including with the same Shadowverse in its entirety, which would be a copy of Hearthstone. Although there are also those who defended Cygames against these accusations, giving as justification how the similarities were very vague, even without being strong enough to really be a serious problem, even joking about it, stating how you can not use texts in the dialogues because it would be a plagiarism to American comics.


Saya no Uta is a Japanese horror visual novel that tells the story of Fuminori Sakisaka, a medical student whose life takes a turn when he loses his parents in an accident, from which he is also seriously injured and has to undergo surgery. It is here where Sakisaka begins his odyssey, since after the operation he is left with an unexpected side effect: he does not perceive reality in the same way, where elements such as objects or people themselves have grotesque aspects. When his life seemed to be coming to an end, he meets Saya, a young girl he sees as normal and who will be his only reason to live.

Shadowverse is a card game developed by Cygames where players face each other in games consisting of two-player turns that follow an order using cards from their deck, where the main side of each player is represented by a “leader” with 20 defense points and an initial hand of three cards. In addition, the game is divided into three basic types of cards: fighters, spells and amulets, where players must use each of these wisely according to their ability, not only to inflict the most damage, but also to prevent the opponent from attacking efficiently.


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