Conception, meet the worst Isekai anime of all time

Conception was a work that generated quite a few opinions among fans. First we must remember that this title belongs to the isekai genre, which for a long time has been too saturated with works that are released every season. That is why the criteria and expectations of fans specialized in this genre have become very high, resulting in a group of fans difficult to conquer and not any work manages to surprise them, being that now they themselves are those who consider that this title fails to be one of their favorites.

Conception anime considered the worst isekai by fans

Conception Anime

As we know, within the isekai genre there is an infinite number of titles, and the list is only growing season by season. Despite its great extension and number of works, fans have managed to agree and have managed to decide which are the best isekai anime of all time, but just as they managed to unify their criteria on the best titles they also reached an agreement deciding which are the worst of the genre. This is where we find the anime Conception.

According to the fans, they consider Conception to be the worst isekai anime that exists, although this without considering the OVA, so the title goes to Byston Well Monogatari from 1997, but for the TV anime, that title goes to Conception. If you are not yet familiar with this anime, we give you a little context as to why fans consider this title to be the worst.

Conception: Ore no Kodomo or Undekure! is an anime adaptation based on a game by developer Spike Chunsoft. The said anime series was produced by animation studio Gonzo, being released on October 10 and running until December 26, 2018. The story of this anime revolves around Itsuki Yuge, who receives a surprise from her friend Mahiru Konatsuki and the main twist of the plot is most curious, being that it is given when it is revealed that Mahiru is pregnant with Itsuki.

Conception Anime 6

After this revelation, a portal opens and the two are transported to the world of Granvania. In this new world, “impurities” are causing disturbances in the stars, throwing the world into chaos. It is after this turmoil that Itsuki Yuge is revealed as the one who will meet the Star Maidens, and is seen as the world’s last hope. To fight evil, he needs to create “star children” with the maidens, that is, to have children with them.

To understand a bit more about why this fan opinion, we need to go back a bit to the context of the original video game, this was a JRPG “Japanese role-playing game” in which you must join 12 girls known as “Star Maidens” and “raise” star children, who will be used to fight monsters. Although it seemed to be the perfect story to be quite spicy, the story is developed in another way that does not do justice to the title, main reason that created anger in the fans.

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In My Anime List, Conception has a rating of 4.59, being the lowest among all isekai anime, this confirms that it is the title that is positioned as the worst isekai anime in history. Fans were mainly angry and expressed their feelings in certain comments, among which stand out some like: “It should be called Deception and not Conception”, “Don’t waste your time with this anime”, “Super weird and generic… I forced myself to watch 5 episodes to make sure it wasn’t that bad (sorry for the time I wasted on this)”.

Despite the fact that the fans rejected the anime quite a lot, the story with the video game is different, because with this material the comments were opposite, about this one the fans think that it is a very fun title. This one, according to the fans, does not seem to be bad, since it has positive reviews and they even recommend it especially if you are a player of the dating simulator or JRPG genre.

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