Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the Elite: Kikyou Kushida comes to life in amazing cosplay

Those who have already seen “Classroom of the Elite” (Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e) will already know Kikyou Kushida, and despite being a character with which many fans have mixed opinions about the attitude she adopts in the series, many of us can agree that her design is quite attractive to the viewer, so with this cosplay that we will show you below if you did not fall in love before, you will do it now this time.

Classroom of the elite: Kikyou Kushida surprises in cute cosplay


This time we are showing you a fabulous cosplay by amane_hina, who was in charge of impersonating Kikyou Kushida from Classroom of the Elite in the event known as Anime Japan, but the highlight is that her cosplay was so elaborate that it even seems that Kushida herself was present in real life, so the results left many fans shocked and they fell in love with her, as well as with the character.

As we can see in the images, Amane was in charge of making Kushida’s costume as similar to how she looks in Classroom of the Elite, but in real life and she really did it, as we can see that she is wearing her school uniform consisting of a red jacket covering a white shirt with a blue bow and a nice white skirt with blue lines, which looks similar to what is shown in the anime, so her work really paid off.

Kikyou 2

Even the expressions that she is making in the photos remind us of the ones she makes when she has her other personality or the ones she adopted at the beginning of the anime, so it leaves to dazzle all the sweetness that this character tries to give to appear in the story, so we can say that in this aspect amane_hina undoubtedly did an excellent job recreating her.

All her effort was rewarded with the support of the fans who showed their enthusiasm in the comments of her publications supporting this talented cosplayer, both her own fans and the fans of Classroom of the Elite were amazed with these pictures, so they will be waiting for the next work of amane_hina in the future to continue getting excited to the fullest.

Kikyou 3

In “Classroom of the Elite” we are shown the golden surface of the apparent utopia, Koudo Ikusei Senior High School. This academic institution prides itself on its unparalleled freedom for students and stands at the forefront of Japan in terms of academic excellence. However, behind this facade of perfection lies a brutal reality: only the upper classes, categorized from A to D based on merit, receive preferential treatment.

In this competent academic environment is Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, a student who is part of the less favored Class D, where students with the lowest grades are grouped. Along his journey, Ayanokouji crosses paths with the lonely Suzune Horikita, who is convinced that her place in Class D is a mistake and that her true destiny lies in Class A. She also encounters Kikyou Kushida, a popular and seemingly friendly idol whose main goal is to make as many friends as possible.

While each student’s membership to a class is fixed, class rankings are constantly changing. Underclassmen have the opportunity to move up in the ranks if they manage to outperform their upperclassmen peers in grades. Moreover, in Class D, there are no strict rules about the methods that can be employed to achieve promotion. In this cutthroat academic battlefield, the real question is: will students be able to overcome these challenges and reach the top? Dive into the intricate plot of “Classroom of the Elite” to find out.