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Caulifla enchants Dragon Ball fans with her beauty in realistic version

Dragon Ball is an anime that has a fairly extensive world, so it is not surprising that we have many waifus that drive fans of this story crazy. Whether through figures, fanarts or images created through artificial intelligence, they seek to have them always present.

Such is the case of Caulifla, a Dragon Ball character that we can see for the first time in the survival arc and that was not originally in the script, but Akira Toriyama decided to create as an accompaniment to Kale, a character that Toei Animation presented to the mangaka. Recently, were published, through Instagram, images in realistic version of Caulifla that excited the fans of this franchise.

Dragon Ball: Realistic version of Caulifla highlights her best features

Dragon Ball Caulifla
Dragon Ball Caulifla
Dragon Ball Caulifla

These images were shared through Instagram by the user mysmartarts. In them we can see Caulifla with her distinctive outfit of magenta top, purple pants and black wristbands. However, unlike her animated version, in these realistic images there are some attributes that highlight Caulifla’s beauty.

To name a few, her eyes are perceived as light green when in the Dragon Ball anime, her eyes are really black and only acquire that tone when she makes her transformation to Super Saiyajin; her body is very toned, especially in the abdomen and biceps, and her face with delicate features makes her look much more beautiful. Likewise, the setting given to these portraits, with a river in the background on a sunny day, gives a warm feeling that spreads the desire to share a day in this beautiful place with that beautiful lady.

Dragon Ball fans showed their approval of this realistic representation of Caulifla with comments such as “Wonderful, a dazzling lady”, “Wonderful, perfect, amazing […]”, as well as some users expressing their emotion with heart emojis and love faces.

Dragon Ball Caulifla
Dragon Ball Caulifla
Dragon Ball Caulifla

In Dragon Ball, Caulifla is a moody and unladylike girl but with a great sense of combat. She has a certain rivalry towards Cabba, looking for opportunities to antagonize or annoy him, such as the time she refused his request to join the Tournament of Strength; however, this attitude changes when she sees the Super Saiyajin transformation.

His attitude is very similar to Goku’s, in the sense that they both have a fascination for battles and a fervent desire to become the strongest. When he encounters stronger opponents, he seeks to fight to the end no matter that everything is against him. There are very few people with whom Caulifla does not have a hostile attitude, for example Hit, the captain of his team; even at some point he comes to have feelings of gratitude towards Goku despite the fact that when meeting him and Vegeta he shows a very arrogant attitude.

Caulifla-Dragon Ball-Portada-04

There is no doubt that thanks to new technologies such as Artificial Intelligences, fans can now create stunning images like these of Caulifla. Through this, the interaction between fans of franchises, such as Dragon Ball fans, is kept active.

Clearly, this type of activities can have both positive and negative reactions, despite this, most of the time we could say that the public response is quite positive, congratulating the users who manage these accounts and encouraging them to continue with this work and even requesting an image of a certain character.