Cancelled manga illustrator now a hit in H-stories

A few years ago the manga Time Paradox Ghostwriter saw the light thanks to the famous publisher Shueisha published the story in the Weekly Shonen Jump, and although its first chapters were well received by readers, this was not enough to continue in publication and the publisher decided to cancel it. So both the author of this work, Kenji Ichima and illustrator Tsunehiro Date, would take separate paths in his career, and the latter is the one who later has become famous thanks to his art full of “delicious” plots.

From manga illustrator to creator of stories full of pure tastiness

Tomodachi No Mama Ga Boku No Dekachin De Ikimakutta Sotsugyoushiki 2 1

Undoubtedly, the original manga had an interesting premise and at the time of its cancellation the reasons for its termination were not given, but for illustrator Tsunehiro Date it was an unparalleled opportunity, although it did not seem so at first. After a job that was canceled, Date would become part of the RK-2 group, who are dedicated to drawing H manga and with which he has achieved great success after having worked on Time Paradox Ghostwriter.

Now the illustrator has managed to create a series with a beautiful waifu and full of “plot” called “Tomodachi no Mama ga Boku no Dekachin de Ikimakutta Sotsugyoushiki” and with which he has positioned himself as one of the readers’ favorites. It has even reached surprising numbers of digital sales through FANZA, the publisher that mostly publishes this type of manga content for a completely different audience, especially in terms of age.

Manga Tomodachi No Mama Ga Boku No Dekachin De Ikimakutta Sotsugyoushiki 1 1

His “rikolina” creation has already published several volumes, and it is estimated that it has already sold 555,908 copies, a very impressive figure considering that each issue is usually worth 770 yen, equivalent to approximately 5 dollars. The publisher FANZA keeps half of the income generated while the other half is obtained by its author Tsunehiro Date, contemplating other expenses such as salaries and taxes, his earnings are estimated at more than 214 million yen, which is equivalent to more than 1.36 million dollars, by far an incredible profit.

Previously with the manga Time Paradox Ghostwriter, at Shueisha, Date had a fast pace as one of the shortest stories, with only two volumes. For some it was an intriguing manga between the aspirations to become a recognized author and the plagiarism of ideas, which finally would be the great leap to fame for “Tomodachi no Mama ga Boku no Dekachin by Ikimakutta Sotsugyoushiki” to become one of the favorite manga for the public that loves H stories.

Manga Tomodachi No Mama Ga Boku No Dekachin De Ikimakutta Sotsugyoushiki 2 1

Undoubtedly, both industries such as manga and H-stories have their benefits and setbacks depending on the publishers. We know authors who start in H-stories and then publish manga and vice versa, as in the case of Date, who find success and deserved recognition thanks to the fans. We know that H manga have a very high demand that remains constant and translates into economic benefits for authors and illustrators, who see a good way to publish and sell their content independently.

Considering that the production of these publications are much more profitable than a regular manga, it is easier for them to reach a wide international audience, since H-manga are usually sold digitally, which reduces printing and distribution costs, allowing authors to earn more income.