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Boys Love “Tasogare Outfocus” anime now has a release date

The official Twitter/X account @tasogare_eigabu of the new anime adaptation “Tasogare Outfocus” (Twilight Outfocus) has finally shared the official premiere date of its long-awaited anime, which will be released on July 4th. In addition, an interesting promotional video was shared that has only increased the hype for this adaptation, as well as a nice image and its theme songs.

Tasogare Outfocus thrills fans with cool trailer

The trailer manages to give us a glimpse of what we will see in this adaptation, we notice in first instance our protagonists Mao and Hisashi, two characters that are very different, but due to certain circumstances learned to live together. We see Mao with the main narrator in this new preview, we must say that in the beginning and end of the video we can notice film tapes, as if it were an old film and this is because the story revolves around a movie club.

We can appreciate the warm tones that characterize the work of Tasogare Outfocus and that remind us of his manga cover (Twilight Outfocus), where lights, yellow tones, sparkles and school uniforms predominate. It is very interesting how the cover of the manga also alludes to cinema, as our protagonists seem to be being focused with the camera while the background around them looks out of focus, making us pay special attention to Hisashi’s character.


The manga of Tasogare Outfocus (Twilight Outfocus) can be acquired thanks to the publisher Distrito Manga that in 2023 surprised us with this license and now we are waiting for its much-loved sequel Twilight Out of Focus Overlap. Although Tasogare Outfocus (Twilight Outfocus) is a single volume, the series is composed of several volumes, which talk about a different couple, so each story is individual, but they take place in the same universe.

In fact, in the video we can appreciate the appearance of several secondary characters, which are part of the secondary couples of the universe of Tasogare Outfocus (Twilight Outfocus) so if you are a fan of any of them be sure that the series will give us even a small taste of their beautiful stories.

El Anime Boys Love &Quot;Tasogare Outfocus&Quot; Ya Tiene Fecha De Estreno

Now let’s talk a little about the promotional image that has left us delighted. In it we can see our protagonists Mao and Hisashi walking on the beach, where we see how the sea wets their feet: both characters look smiling and very relaxed, we appreciate the beautiful light of a beautiful sunset where again the warm colors especially yellow plays an important role this time painting the sky and illuminating the sand.

Tasogare Outfocus tells the story of a young student named Mao who attends a school for boys, where he shares his dormitory with another young man named Hisashi, who is the opposite of Mao. The good relationship between these two characters is due to a deal they made when they met, Mao will never reveal Hisashi’s orientation and the latter will have no romantic interest in Mao.

Mao perishes to the film club where his director asks him to convince Hisashi to star in his new movie Boys Love, what will happen when the two characters start to live together more closely? This is how this touching story of boys discovering love begins, where they get to know themselves and question various aspects of their identity.

El Anime Boys Love &Quot;Tasogare Outfocus&Quot; Ya Tiene Fecha De Estreno

We hope that the adaptation manages to embody the essence of the manga and bring it to the screen, where the voice actors will play a key role in conveying their emotions. The previews have left us wanting more of the beautiful story that is Tasogare Outfocus, we hope that fans of the manga as well as new fans will be hooked by this new adaptation that certainly promises a lot.

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