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Bocchi The Rock!: Fans’ stink ruins movie premiere

Bocchi The Rock! has become a very popular and beloved story within the otaku community, who are eagerly awaiting a second season of this series. For this very reason, fans of Bocchi The Rock! in Japan enthusiastically attended the premiere of the first compilation movie of this franchise in their country of origin; however, several of the attendees had a bad experience at the event, due to some people who apparently reinforced the stereotype that otaku do not bathe, making people uncomfortable because of their unpleasant odor.

fans of dubious hygiene attended the premiere of the Bocchi The Rock! movie, causing inconvenience to the public.

Bocchi The Rock

On June 7, the first Bocchi The Rock! compilation movie debuted in Japanese theaters and many excited fans attended the event to witness this beloved story on the big screen. People went with the intention of having a good time and enjoying this event; however, several people through social networks reported having a bad time due to certain people with bad hygiene that gave off a bad smell and this, of course, bothered the people who were around.

And it is well known that one of the most frequent beliefs about the otaku community is precisely that they are people who do not usually shower. This is one of the reasons that have caused for many years the rejection of people towards those who enjoy anime; and although, it is something that has decreased over the years and today, watching anime is something that is much more normalized, there are still people who continue with these stereotypes and use them as an excuse to create a rejection of others for their tastes.

Some of the comments that were found on the internet, particularly on the Twitter/X platform, are as follows: “I went to the premiere of Bocchi The Rock!!!, as fast as I could, but it was midnight and there were a lot of people. Some of them had a horrible smell and the worst thing is that they even came to talk to me” “I lined up to buy Bocchi The Rock! products, but at the escalators, the person in front of me smelled very unpleasant” “Why is it so hard for otakus to take a shower?” “What’s wrong with otakus going to the movies with their foul smell?”

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However, not all users believed that these comments were real and came to the defense of the people of the otaku community. Among these comments in defense we can find several such as “They must be lying to provoke some laughs on the Internet. In fact, there are a lot of good people in the otaku community” “I think anyone who works smells bad in the middle of the night, not everyone has time to shower” “The people who posted this stuff certainly smell worse” “Hmmm, I don’t know if I should believe that. It really affects that something similar happened to Uma Musume.” What do you think about this, do you think it is real what these people commented on the internet?

If you still don’t know the story of Bocchi The Rock!, here we have Hitori Gotoh, a very introverted student who has the dream of forming a musical band and play together with her in a school festival, that’s why she learns to play the guitar. The problem is that Hitori suffers from social anxiety, which makes it difficult for her to talk to people and above all, to make friends; so she has no one to form such a band with. However, everything changes for her when Nijika Ijichi, drummer of “Kessoku Band” approaches Hitori to propose her to join his band, as he needs a new guitarist.

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