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Bocchi the Rock! achieves an incredible accomplishment

There is no doubt that the work that the CloverWorks animation studio has done with the anime adaptation of the manga “Bocchi the Rock!” has given an enormous relevance to the original work. This is evidenced by the enormous amount of collaborations that Japanese companies have begun to make over the last few years with the franchise, where the members of the “Kessoku Band” were the protagonists.

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This can also be seen by the increase in copies of Aki Hamaji’s original manga throughout the year 2023, reaching the figure of 2 million copies in circulation with only 5 compilation volumes published by Houbunsha Publishing. However, there are new updates on the Bocchi the Rock! manga that are sure to make fans of the franchise happy.

Bocchi the Rock! manga surpassed 3 million copies in circulation

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According to information provided by some Japanese media, Aki Hamaji’s popular manga, Bocchi the Rock!, has managed to surpass the astonishing figure of 3 million copies in circulation. It should be noted that this figure takes into account the 6 compilation volumes that the publisher Houbunsha has currently published.

According to information shared by Twitter/X platform user Manga Mogura, Houbunsha will release the seventh compilation volume of Bocchi the Rock! in the course of this year’s fall season.

Bocchi The Rock! Manga Vol 6

The manga Bocchi the Rock! began its serialization in the magazine Manga Time Kirara, which belongs to the Houbunsha publishing house since December 2017 and has 6 compilation volumes released at present. The work written and illustrated by Aki Hamaji was well received by readers, getting the publisher Houbunsha to announce at the beginning of the year 2021 an anime adaptation for the manga Bocchi the Rock!

The anime adaptation of the manga “Bocchi the Rock!” made its television debut in Japan on October 8, 2022, consisting of a total of 12 exciting episodes. This series, masterfully produced by the renowned CloverWorks animation studio, officially arrived in the Americas through the popular streaming platform Crunchyroll, allowing fans in the region to enjoy every moment of this captivating story.

It should be noted that the anime series based on the manga Bocchi the Rock! enjoyed enormous popularity not only within Japan, but also in various territories around the world. In multiple votes and awards, the series managed to win several awards such as “Anime of the Season” or “Anime of the Year”, among other categories in which it was nominated.


Bocchi the Rock! introduces us to Hitori “Bocchi” Gotou, a lonely and socially anxious high school student who finds her way to friendship and a passion for music. Although she suffers from a quirk that makes her stand out, Bocchi has an innate talent for playing the guitar.

A twist of fate leads her to meet Nijika Ijichi, a charismatic drummer who invites her to join Kessoku Band. This meeting will mark the beginning of an incredible musical adventure for Bocchi. With the desire to overcome her fears and find her place on stage, Bocchi will embark on a journey full of emotions, challenges and learning.

As Bocchi immerses herself in the world of music, she meets Ryou Yamada, a talented bassist, and together they form a special bond through their shared love of music. Despite the obstacles and difficulties they face, the girls support each other and find the strength to overcome their insecurities as they pursue their dream of playing live.