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New Blue Archive teaser is a total disappointment for Japan

The beloved game, which has a rising fame for its gameplay and characters, Blue Archive, has recently had an important announcement, which is an anime adaptation that has had many illustrations for fans to observe the beauty of its cast. However, contrary to what everyone thought, in the recent Teaser of the animated series, Japanese fans have shown their disappointment in the work of this one, but are they right to be?

Blue Archive is criticized for its animation quality

In recent updates on the social network of the Blue Archive franchise, a new trailer has been published adding a premiere date for the series, which we observe is for the month of April, presenting in this promotional Teaser some of the girls we will see in the academy, among the school life of Kivotos. Everything seems to be going well, but in the great Japanese forum Yaraon they are in total disagreement on how the Blue Archive: The Animation project is developing.

Disgruntled fans express among comments about the PV: “Azur Lane has done better, why don’t they try harder”, “If they have earned so much from the game, why not improve the quality”, “The art is bad, it looks worse than Arknights, if they have raised so much, where is it?”. They all agree that, the animation of this PV is somewhat lacking, plus they strongly remark about the financial capacity of the company and that with this they can improve the animation of their work by far.

They make comparisons to the success of Azur Lane, another animated series born from a mobile game of the same genre, as well as Arknights which is the same case as the previous one mentioned, but, how bad is the animation, this can be easily answered by watching the new teaser. It doesn’t mean that Blue Archive is bad, not at all, being the quality of its game unquestionable, surprising with the recent announcement that most of its players are girls, something that we have covered in this note of our page.

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Blue Archive The Animation Pv Captura 02
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Blue Archive The Animation Pv Captura 04

As we have seen, part of the fans in Japan are not satisfied with this new teaser of the Blue Archive series, but it is not something that can sentence the anime, since it has received good reviews in its early stages, remembering that it has not even been released yet. There is always a group of people who stop a series at every frame to pull out the ugly ones and call these works a disappointment.

In the Blue Archive game and series the story puts us in the shoes of a protagonist (to choose from), which is a student of the academy of the city of Kivotos, which in the absence of its council president, has had problems in solving many of the incidents occurred, investigations and other phenomena occurring around the city and other schools. Now, as part of a group led by your Sensei, you will have to face these problems and go discovering the truth that awaits the events in the depth of history.

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