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Blue Archive: Sorasaki Hina unveils incredible futuristic collection piece

An impressive breakthrough for fans of waifus like Blue Archive’s Sorasaki Hina has arrived, as an eye-catching OLED device has been unveiled that allows us to see a bit more of the beloved girl. This electronic device, which demonstrates the beauty of the character, is capable of being rotated by a certain amount with constant animation. This is the second edition of these proposals to have your waifus of the game in these devices.

Sorasaki Hina’s charms can be appreciated on a special OLED device from Blue Archive.

In a recent update from a Twitter/X user, Yorimiya, presents us with this 3D model of Sorasaki Hina on an OLED electronic device with fluid animation and even rotation of the model. One thing we can see is that, in addition to being a model of the character, the character has additional expressions, movements and outfits. This as an initiative to bring the 3D models of the Blue Archive characters to these high quality devices.

Characters such as Sorasaki Hina or Yuuka Hayase from Blue Archive, have their attributes intact within their original models, even if they are captured in these devices there would be no problem, remember that these are resistant and flexible for use and placement on shelves or desks. Fans respect the original models very much, to such an extent that in the animated adaptation of this mobile game, there have been some changes in the designs and attributes of these girls that have not pleased many of the fans, something that we have detailed in this note of our page.

Hina Sorasaki Blue Archive 3D Model Visual 0101
Hina Sorasaki Blue Archive 3D Model Visual 0102

Although we must clarify a very important aspect about this product, and is that it is not yet available for purchase, being that it is actually a 3D model made by the user to be used originally in the popular VRChat, which is for sale from its own website. This user, who is the author of the model, decided to create this novel device and place the model inside, resulting in what appears to be a futuristic collector’s item. Now we can only wait to see if his project will be mass-produced so that fans can purchase it.

This pale lavender-haired girl who belongs to Gehenna Academy as leader of the disciplinary committee, using as her main weapon an oversized machine gun that strikes fear into the hearts of all her classmates in third year and other grades. Not surprisingly, Sorasaki Hina is the president of Gehenna’s perfect team with a cold and distant personality. She presents herself as someone very busy who, despite being feared, is calm and capable of her job. What she hides behind is a lot of work, frustration for carrying the academy on her shoulders, in her deep being, not feeling strong enough to face them.

Hina Sorasaki Blue Archive Ilustración 0101

The scenario of Blue Archive focuses its attention on the city of Kivotos, a place where many academies unite to form different independent committees, being the general council of students who lead everything from the so-called Sanctum tower. In Blue Archive, we as a player are summoned by the president of this council, we have the pseudonym Sensei and we are charged with Schale in the position of advisor. Schale is an extrajudicial organization that functions as an independent body created by the president, which disappears after she offers us this mission. Now Kivotos begins to suffer different criminal sieges and military presence.

This game makes us leaders of a group to maintain order in these independent academies of Kivotos with many playable campaigns and constant updates, and it is positioned as one of the most popular mobile games of its genre.

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