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Blue Archive releases a new card game called “DIVA”.

Blue Archive is one of the hottest games of the moment, thanks to its charming waifus and their devoted fan base. Now, they have made a very interesting announcement about the game: Blue Archive will have a special card pack called “DIVA”, which has a certain resemblance to Pokémon cards. This is definitely a great addition to this mobile game.

Blue Archive jumps from mobile to real life with this new card game!

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This new feature of Blue Archive makes the game even more appealing. Not only will fans be able to collect the merchandise of the girls from this amazing game, but they will also reach more people with this expansion. There are many who don’t like playing this kind of mobile games, but they are passionate about collecting waifus from different animes and video games. So, if the new fans are still not convinced to play this awesome game, this new feature will hook them up.

This time, we can see that they have announced the cards of Azusa, Nel, Shiroko and Hina, with a special design and a pretty shine. These cards look similar to Pokémon cards, which will make them very attractive for many card collectors. Many of the fans who love collecting cards from Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon, Magic, have a special taste for shiny cards. Now, with the Blue Archive cards, this collection will grow even more.

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So far, nothing has been said about whether this new card game of Blue Archive will come to the West. For now, it will be exclusive to Japan, but we hope that they will soon approach the Western market, as there are also many fans who want to have the official cards of the beautiful girls from this game.

These cards will be on sale from November 3rd of this year. So, if you want to start your collection, you will have to import these cards. Remember that since it is a new card game, there are no loose cards yet. So, you will have to buy the card box to make it worth importing them from Japan.

Also, they have revealed the list of characters that will be available for this first part of the “DIVA” cards. In this image, you can find the number of characters that you can find in this first card box of Blue Archive.

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