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Blue Archive is the game of choice for women in Japan

The gacha genre is very popular in Asian lands, and now Blue Archive is not only considered one of the most popular in this territory, but with its large number of “waifus” present in the staff, it has become one of the most played by women, at least in Japan. And now a company dedicated to data collection has shared this information where it shows in detail how the percentages of players of this title are very evenly distributed among both men and women.

Women in Japan prefer to play Blue Archive within the gacha genre

Blue Archive

The renowned company Sensor Tower, which is dedicated to the collection of data of all kinds, including popular applications and games, has published a few days ago different surveys made to one of the most popular free to play video games gacha style that exist, Blue Archive. In these data it is confirmed that not only is it very recognized in Japan, but the most interesting was when looking at the demographics by gender, where the proportion of players, both male and female, was almost identical.

In the graph presented by the page we see the ratio of players of several very popular titles within the gacha genre, such as The Goddess of Victory: Nikke, but that caught the attention the data that has as protagonist Blue Archive, since of 100% of its players, 59% are men, while 41% is composed of women, a proportion of almost half in both genders. And it is that these numbers are surprising for how close they are between the two, giving the idea that the game is popular enough between both genders.

In addition, these data are striking when compared with others, because for example, The Goddess of Victory: Nikke, which we mentioned before, has a ratio of 70/30, where the highest number is represented by the male audience, while the remaining is women, and this is also the game that presented more disparity in the graph, so Blue Archive stands out for this. Below we share the official image made by Sensor Tower where you can see the different data obtained in these games and where Blue Archive stands out with its 59/41 ratio of players between both genders, male and female:

Blue Archive Sensor Tower

On the other hand, it was the fans who echoed this news and shared their feelings in different internet forums in comments that doubt the veracity of this information for one reason, and that is that many male players pretend to be female when playing, so this data can be altered. On the other hand, those who did not hesitate were more than surprised to find an almost 50/50 ratio, something difficult to see in this type of titles if we take into account the large number of “waifus” present in Blue Archive.

Blue Archive is a gacha video game that places the player in the role of “Sensei”, who after the disappearance of the President of the General Student Council must restore peace to a city of Kyvotos. This mission will not be an easy task, but under his command he will have a group of students who are not only pretty girls, but also have a great capacity for battles, and the correct use of their abilities will be vital to obtain victory. Blue Archive is available for free on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Blue Archive

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