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Blue Archive disappoints fans with terrible animation

The well-known role-playing video game Blue Archive has been on everyone’s lips since the moment its anime adaptation was announced, to the disgrace of many fans of this franchise and also for those who approached this series with the hope that it would be entertaining, unfortunately both sides were terribly disappointed.

Blue Archive saddens its fans

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Just one episode of Blue Archive was enough for fans to hate it, viewers were quick to talk about how tedious it is, how uninteresting it is and how they finally witnessed a boring series. And it seems that for those who know or have played the video game, they commented on how the story of the adaptation falls far short of the story of its source material.

Not only was the boring story in the Blue Archive anime series mentioned, but also its terrible animation was attacked, which according to users makes the fights look very bad, so their expectations fell suddenly due to the bad adaptation. In addition, fans are also not entirely happy with how the characters look, as they mention that their design is not good and leaves much to be desired compared to their versions in the video game.

“I can’t control my anger towards the anime, so I decided to write about it like this. First of all, the anime is sh*** to say the least, I won’t watch it anymore,” “What’s that? The character design, CG and battle scenes are terrible”, “If something like this was made with money paid by users, I would feel angry or pissed off. I wonder who gave them the idea to make a main story. Is this the beginning of the end?”, these are some comments left by users.

Blue Archive

As you can see, fans are indeed very upset with the outcome of the Blue Archive anime series and are not hesitating for a moment to voice their opinions about it. “My impressions of the anime are that it tarnishes the content, disappoints users, alienates newcomers and feeds the antis,” this comment left by one user really sounds devastating and in those simple words manages to encompass all those that fans of the game are feeling at the moment.

“It’s so cruel that my happy memories are destroyed in this way”, “And this is the work that turned me into an anti-fan”; The sad comments left by users and Blue Archive lovers agree that this series was a total disappointment that did not meet expectations and instead of benefiting term harming the franchise.

Nuevo Blu-Ray De Blue Archive Deja Encantados A Sus Fans

Now many Blue Archive fans are saying that there is no way they will buy any merchandise from this series and we must not forget that a new Blu-ray was recently announced titled: “Blue Archive The Animation” (you can read its release here) which had kept expectations high for the series, but now that it has been seen, fans do not want to invest their money in something they did not like at all.

It’s a shame that such a good story was tainted in this way by a bad animation; however, we must remember that you can always go to the Blue Archive game where you can get to know the wonders of this world. This one takes place inside an academy, where there are interesting characters, a mystery to be solved and a lot of incredible fights with out of the ordinary weaponry and all this without mentioning the beautiful waifus that exist inside the game and are one of its many attractions.

Blue Archive

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