Blade will have its own video game, from the creators of Dishonored and Deathloop

Blade is one of the most important characters in all of Marvel Comics. This legendary half-human, half-vampire “Daywalker” became an icon when he starred in one of the first superhero movies of the new millennium, which laid the groundwork for the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. With his mystical powers, terrifying enemies, vast arsenal of weapons and exaggerated attitude, this character always had the potential to star in a truly entertaining and dark video game. It looks like Bethesda and Arkane Lyon felt the same way, as they just announced just that at yesterday’s The Game Awards.

Explore Paris with Blade in his new digital adventure

Blade En Su Nuevo Videojuego 1

We didn’t see much of the new Blade videogame, but the little that was shown has a lot of potential. In this cinematic trailer, we get to see Eric Brooks himself shaving in a barbershop in Paris, France. Suddenly, something happens off-camera that causes all the lights to turn bright red, to which the vampire hunter responds by putting on his sunglasses and grabbing all his weapons, ready to get to work. Unfortunately, this brief trailer only gave us a small taste of what the tone of the game will be like, and they didn’t show any gameplay.

Luckily, Arkane Lyon’s developers took the stage to explain what this title will be about. They confirmed that Blade will be a mature & dark third-person single-player adventure. This means it will be a conventional superhero game like we all love, with no “Live Service” model to ruin the experience. Arkane Lyon has been responsible for excellent titles like Dishonored and Deathloop, so Marvel’s Daywalker is in good hands. Although it will be interesting to see them work on a third-person action game, rather than a first-person shooter.

Blade En Su Nuevo Videojuego 2

Considering that Arkane Lyon is a subsidiary studio of Bethesda, a company that was acquired by Microsoft, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Blade game is exclusive to Xbox X/S Series and PC. Although it has not yet been confirmed on which consoles it will be available. As unfair as this sounds, it should be noted that PlayStation also has its own exclusive series of games based on a Marvel Comics superhero, with Marvel’s Spider-Man 1, 2 and Miles Morales. So it wouldn’t be surprising if Microsoft has plans to do the same.

Clearly, the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man motivated Marvel to collaborate with more developers to continue releasing video games based on their characters. In addition to the recent release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there are currently Iron Man, Black Panther and Wolverine games in development. And now Blade can be added to this list. We can’t wait to try this bloody adventure where we will hunt terrifying vampires!

Blade De Arkane Lyon Y Bethesda - Póster Oficial

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