Beautiful tsundere Asuka from Evangelion makes an impact with amazing cosplay

Much has already been said about the popular franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion, or simply known as “Evangelion“, which for several decades became an icon of the nineties, marking a before and after in the history of the manga and anime industry. Considered a classic, it is still recurrent among fans and today we bring you a cosplay inspired by one of the girls that you will simply love.

Cosplayer brings to life Asuka Langley from Evangelion

Evangelion Asuka Cosplay

There is no doubt that despite its story and development, sometimes confusing for many, the plot of Evangelion would not be the same without the cute girls that make it up, each one with a design and personality that left a mark on the fans to become the favorites. And of course, when talking about waifus, we cannot leave out the beautiful Asuka Langley.

This time we bring you a cosplay that will surely be to the liking of many, because it is a very special one inspired by the well-known and beloved Asuka. That with her proud attitude and always showing herself annoying and violent managed to captivate the fans. Well, this time it is the turn of the Mexican cosplayer Gigi, who through her Instagram profile shared her interpretation of the favorite tsundere, Asuka.

Bringing to reality such a cute waifu, in this version we see her wearing a costume outside the usual red and black to pilot the EVA 02 unit, if not that it is a uniform that perhaps is little for some, while for those who do not miss a single detail of the franchise know what it is. To understand where it comes from, it is necessary to go back, some years ago, in a collaboration that Evangelion had.

Evangelion Asuka Honkai 3

In early 2021, the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise announced a collaboration with the famous Honkai Impact 3rd, where we would see Asuka as a limited edition playable character in this RPG and with some elements such as dialogues from the film Rebuild of Evangelion included. And it is precisely from this event that the original and fabulous design is inspired.

The outfit combines a school uniform and her pilot outfit, consisting of a short black skirt with the NERV logo in white, black thigh-high socks, a white short-sleeved blouse with black details that go from her waist to her chest, a tie and red gloves. Posing with her distinguished red hair and blue eyes.

Her effort to bring Asuka Langley to life has been praised by many fans on social networks, besides the picture she uploaded, she also has some clips where she poses and even dances with this cute cosplay, so if you want to know more about what she does, we invite you to visit her Instagram profile. Tell us, what did you think of this sensational cosplay and what other Evangelion characters would you like to see?

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