Bad Girl

Bad Girl waifus to come to Japanese television in an anime

The renowned publishing house Houbunsha has released excellent news for fans of Nikumaru’s manga, known as “Bad Girl“, and through its official media, announced today that the school comedy manga will be adapted into an anime series.

This news was accompanied by several details about the TV anime Bad Girl, and one of the most important is that the animation studio “Bridge”, known for participating in the production of anime such as Nanatsu no Bitoku, Shaman King (2021), Shaman King: Flowers and Fairy Tail (2014), will be in charge of producing the series. Along with this news, the anime Bad Girl presented its first visual image, which will star the characters Rura Ruriha, Suzu Suzukaze, Atori Mizutori and Yuu Yuutani.

Bad Girl manga will have its own anime adaptation

Bad Girl Anime Visual

It is worth noting that at the moment many details about the “Bad Girl” manga are unknown, such as a tentative year for its premiere. However, a Twitter/X account and an official website for the series have been opened to the public, so if you are interested in knowing more about this anime and don’t want to miss any updates, we recommend you to stay tuned to their official media.

Another detail to highlight is that the official website of the anime Bad Girl presented the first members of the team that will participate in the production of the series, which are the following: Takeshi Furuta will be in charge of directing the anime. As previously mentioned, the animation studio “Bridge” will be in charge of the production of the anime. Shoji Yonemura will be in charge of composing the anime’s soundtrack. The character design will be in charge of Yuuki Morimoto. Arisa Okehazama will be in charge of the anime’s soundtrack composition.

Bad Girl Manga Min

The 4-panel manga “Bad Girl” is written and illustrated by Nikumaru and started its publication in the Manga Time Kirara Carat magazine of the renowned publisher Houbunsha since December 2020. Currently, Nikumaru’s manga has 3 compilation volumes published in total and Houbunsha publisher announced that the fourth volume will be released for sale in Japan on July 25 this year.

Bad Girl Manga Vol 1

Bad Girl” introduces us to Yuu Yuutani, a high school freshman with an imposing appearance: sharp eyes, large piercings and striking two-tone hair. Despite her curiously intimidating appearance, Yuu is not the bad girl everyone fears and turns away from; in fact, she is a kind-hearted girl whose thoughts are constantly occupied by the school’s Madonna, Atori Mizutori.

Wishing to capture the attention of Atori, the chairwoman of the disciplinary committee, Yuu makes the decision to abandon her image as a model student and transform herself into a “bad delinquent”. Thus begins a school comedy that chronicles the vicissitudes of a self-proclaimed delinquent who is a bit of a fool, showcasing her efforts and struggles in her new role. Be prepared to laugh and enjoy Yuu’s misadventures as she attempts to win Atori’s heart and redefine her identity in the process!