Azur Promilia

Azur Promilia is the new open-world RPG from the creators of Azur Lane.

Surely you are familiar with Azur Lane, the successful mobile title developed by Shanghai Manjuu. If you like that game, then you’re going to love Azur Promilia, the new proposal that this Chinese studio has just revealed: an action RPG with an open world and stylized graphics that, of course, stars many “waifus” of all kinds. Is it the next big competition of Genshin Impact?

The studio behind Azur Lane now introduces us to Azur Promilia

Azur Promilia Reveal Trailer #1

Manjuu revealed Azur Promilia today, through an amazing announcement trailer that gave us an interesting first look at this intriguing new game. At first glance, this open-world RPG reminds us of Genshin Impact. It’s more than evident that Manjuu is looking to compete against the successful HoYoverse video game, which makes quite a bit of sense. Promilia looks amazing, with a beautiful anime-inspired art style, great music and a dynamic combat system where we can switch between characters.

Of course, if you like the “waifus” of Azur Lane and are hoping to find similar characters in this new game, then Azur Promilia will not disappoint. In the trailer and previews we could see a myriad of adorable girls with impeccable designs, with different types of proportions, personalities and outfits. And each one will have her own weapon and fighting style, which will add a lot of variety to the experience. It’s obvious that Manjuu is aware that waifus are one of the main selling points of their titles, so we’re not surprised that they’re taking advantage of this new game to continue designing female characters that will captivate their audience.

Gameplay De Azur Promilia #1
Gameplay De Azur Promilia #2

But there is one mechanic that will help Azur Promilia stand out from its competition: the inclusion of strange creatures called “Celestial Spirits“. These appear to be monsters of different types that will not only fulfill the role of enemies, but can also be captured and tamed by the player. They can then be used to explore or fight against other characters and creatures. All the Celestial Spirits we saw so far have excellent designs that look quite original. In this way, Manjuu is combining Genshin Impact with Pokémon. Although it’s also similar to Palworld, according to some people.

We are thoroughly impressed with the Azur Promilia trailer and the response from the public has been quite positive. The idea of the creators of Azur Lane making an open world RPG full of “waifus” was already pretty nifty. But adding to that a fun real-time action combat and an interesting monster-catching mechanic makes it even more exciting. For now they didn’t announce an official release date, but it was confirmed that it will be available on PlayStation 5, PC and mobile devices, both iOS and Android. If you are interested in trying it, you can pre-register through the official website.

Póster Oficial De Azur Promilia

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