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Ayakashi Triangle – Suzu Kanade shows its full appeal on Blu-Ray/DVD

The TV anime based on the ecchi manga “Ayakashi Triangle” by talented author Kentaro Yabuki has wowed fans of the franchise by revealing on its official website the captivating cover of its second Blu-Ray/DVD volume.

The featured character on this cover will be Suzu Kanade, the beautiful and compassionate childhood friend of protagonist Matsuri Kazamaki, and to delight fans, two different illustrations have been presented: one where we see Suzu in her characteristic outfit and another where we see her in a revealing swimsuit.

Ayakashi Triangle: Suzu Kanade stars on Blu-Ray/DVD 2

Ayakashi Triangle BD DVD vol 2 2
Ayakashi Triangle BD DVD vol 2 1

According to the information provided on the official website of the anime adaptation of the manga “Ayakashi Triangle”, the second Blu-Ray/DVD volume was released in Japan on October 25. In addition, this volume will contain episodes 3 and 4 and has a version where the “broadcasting restrictions” have been lifted.

It is important to mention that the Blu-Ray edition of the second Ayakashi Triangle compilation volume is on sale for 7,700 yen, while the DVD version is available for 6,600 yen.

Ayakashi Triangle BD DVD vol 2 3

The anime series based on the manga “Ayakashi Triangle” began broadcasting in Japan on January 10 of this year and consisted of a total of 12 episodes. However, due to various production problems caused by COVID-19 that caused several delays in the premieres of its episodes, the anime concluded its broadcasting last September 26th of this year.

The anime Ayakashi Triangle revolves around Matsuri Kazamaki and Suzu Kanade, two childhood friends united by their ability to see and confront Ayakashis, supernatural creatures that seek to devour the “life force”. As they grow older, however, their friendship is affected by differences in their views.

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Suzu, an Ayakashi medium, loves these creatures despite the danger they pose, while Matsuri considers all Ayakashis a threat. Everything changes when they encounter a talking cat named Shirogane, who turns out to be the powerful “King of Ayakashi” intent on devouring Suzu to gain more power.

In an attempt to save Suzu, Matsuri lunges towards Shirogane, but he uses a jutsu that transforms Matsuri into a girl. Now, Matsuri vows to protect Suzu as her best friend, but must learn to live as a girl until her grandfather, a famous ninja exorcist, can undo the jutsu.

Meanwhile, Suzu finds herself facing her own emotional dilemmas towards Matsuri, now that her friend is no longer a boy. In addition, the situation is further complicated when Matsuri takes King Ayakashi as his pet. The future of these two friends is filled with uncertainty and challenges as they enter a world of supernatural creatures and mixed feelings.

Ayakashi Triangle combines elements of action, romance and comedy in a plot full of intrigue and surprises, where the bonds of friendship are put to the test and the protagonists must face powerful enemies as they seek to resolve their own personal conflicts.