Atelier Ryza

Atelier Ryza: Ryza’s big thighs are recreated in amazing figure

The Atelier Ryza video game saga has been very present in the networks this year, mainly with the release of its anime adaptation, which was able to deliver to a new audience everything that made it so well known in the world of video games, but undoubtedly who stole all the attention was its protagonist, Reisalin “Ryza” Stout, who became a trend thanks to a particular aspect: His thighs, which with each new appearance seemed to increase in size, and now they have been recreated in a figure that surprises for its incredible quality when it comes to presenting this important feature that Ryza possesses.

Get your mind blown by the Atelier Ryza protagonist’s thighs on this figure!

Atelier Ryza: Los Grandes Muslos De Ryza Son Recreados En Increíble Figura
Ryza Figura 1

This figure surprised all fans of the Atelier Ryza video game saga not only for recreating one of the most important characters that it has, as is its protagonist Reisalin “Ryza” Stout, but this product has a great quality to recreate it, especially one of its most talked about aspects such as her thighs, being that the detail of the modeling, along with the color palette together make this a figure that every collector should have in your collection.

And this figure also presents Ryza with a new outfit, which likewise maintains several items of his original clothing seen in Atelier Ryza, being that we can see both his white shirt or his red shorts present in this figure, but presented in different ways, for example the shirt in his case is not wearing it, but he is taking it off, leaving in sight the clothes that he wears underneath and that can not be seen in its original version, we can also see that at least one of his long socks is also recreated.

But undoubtedly what stands out most in the figure of the protagonist of Atelier Ryza is the attention to detail, something we can see in the different accessories that make the product as the pendant that wears on her neck, but mainly with the recreation of her physique, first with her “front” so prominent represented to perfection, but that may not get to have the protagonism, as her so iconic thighs will steal the attention of the fans, especially for how well recreated they are, as for example in how the stockings tighten that area, to give more realism to a collector’s item of the highest quality.

Atelier Ryza: Los Grandes Muslos De Ryza Son Recreados En Increíble Figura
Atelier Ryza: Los Grandes Muslos De Ryza Son Recreados En Increíble Figura

The Atelier Ryza figure is called “Ryza (Reisalin Stout) Change Clothes Mode” and is inspired by the version of the title Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy, being made in a scale of 1/7, with an approximate height of 24 cm, by the company QuesQ, and available for pre-purchase through the Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop page for a price of $190.99 dollars, having in turn an estimated release date for November 2023.

The Atelier Ryza video game saga has increased its popularity this year thanks to the release of its anime adaptation, which tells us how Ryza entered the world of alchemy and the different adventures he went through with this new “life”. On the other hand, in the world of video games the most recent title of the Atelier saga is known as “Atelier Resleriana” which puts us in the shoes of two different protagonists: Resna and Valeria, which present us with two stories that are not the same, but will have exploration and resource gathering as a common point.

Atelier Ryza: El Atractivo De Ryza Será Explotado En Figura

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