Atelier Resleriana

Atelier Resleriana waifus chestiness amazes fans

Atelier is one of KOEI TECMO’s titles with more than 20 releases in more than a decade, which has shown us very important stories and gameplay for JRPG games in recent years. But what stands out the most in these titles is the great amount of beautiful protagonists that make more than one fall in love with them.

Steam version of the new ATELIER retains the breast shake of its main characters

There is no doubt that Atelier is another title full of beautiful girls, everywhere, of course its protagonists are everything, since there is something for everyone. From girls with no breasts to some who have too many attributes of which many of them seem to be proud.


One of them is the well-known Ryza, who along with other female characters brought back to everyone’s eyes, to the Atelier games with its trilogy. This girl being of a slim build, but with thighs that together with her breasts has become one of the visual attractions of Atelier and one of the most beloved desecrations by the artists, since on the internet there are many images not suitable for everyone of this girl.

Thanks to the latest installment of Atelier, entitled Atelier Resleriana, which is currently only available for Japan, we can enjoy one of the mechanics that many other games have left behind and that is to see how the breasts of the girls shake with the movement of the game. Titles like Honkai Impact, Genshin Impact, Punishing: Gray Raven and many more have added in their first versions this type of mechanic. As time went by they had to control this type of mechanics with voluptuous girls, due to complaints from many or because many fans were underage.

This mechanic is back with the Steam version of Atelier Resleriana, where the breasts of most of the playable female characters can appreciate the bounce that many love. This phenomenon made Japanese fans who already have access to the game to enjoy the photo mode to show everyone, the bounce of the great bust of these beautiful girls.

If we are honest, many fans in the West, seeing the publications of the Japanese players, surely look forward to the global release of the game to be able to use the photo mode. That allows us to customize the poses of all the characters, especially those of the girls, which is here where you can appreciate the bounce of the breasts of them.

Similarly, this great mechanic can be seen in the story cinematics, which are not animations, but are generated by the same graphics engine of the game, but not really enjoyed as in the photo mode, where you have more control over the characters.

Undoubtedly it is a great addition by the developers, since not many games dare to add fanservice to their titles like this one. Although we cannot claim victory, since there will be many people who complain about this, because they feel uncomfortable or are negative critics and the developer will have to take action on this. For now let’s enjoy this mechanic as much as we can and if they leave it until the end of the game, we can expect that also as in their previous installments of Atelier, they decide to integrate many more costumes, such as the swimsuit that will leave much to the imagination.


For those who already want to enjoy Atelier Resleriana, it is available for Android, iOS and PC through Steam, although for now only in Japan. But the developer confirmed that we will also have a global version of the title, although at the moment there is no exact release date.