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Atelier Resleriana: Ryza becomes a friendly gal

A few days ago we commented how Atelier Resleriana was doing a new event in which the different girls of the gacha title would be transformed with the high school theme, but the most surprising was the renowned Reisalin “Ryza” Stout, who had a radical change. And is that the beloved “waifu” received a new outfit, but more precisely a change of skin, much more tanned, since in this she was characterized as a gal, being that now the official promotional video of this style was shown, enamoring the fans.

Ryza unveils its Gal version and Atelier Resleriana fans go wild

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As part of the new event that is part of Atelier Resleriana, players found a new version of the beloved Reisalin “Ryza” Stout, who is the most recognized girl of the franchise, which in this case, following the theme of high school that is based on this, acquires a new outfit of the most striking. And with this new outfit, she is dressed with one of the most recognized fashions of Japan, we are referring to the gals or gyarus, with all the accessories that compose it.

For those who know Ryza, you will notice how the change in her appearance is more than evident, being that she normally wears a white shirt with a yellow jacket that covers much of her body in addition to long brown boots and her iconic red shorts that reveals her thighs. And now we will see her wearing a gal type student outfit, with a white shirt, but this time she has a red tie and a much more formal jacket. In addition, on a physical level, her hair becomes blonde and her skin is tanned, very characteristic of the gals.

Also, in the promotional video where she was shown in all her splendor, it focused on how Ryza will look like in Atelier Resleriana itself, with all her attacks, special moves and how she will interact with the other characters. We can even see the gal theme in these animations, for example in one where she is taking a selfie, with several hearts adorning the screen, so those who love this kind of girls, as well as Ryza herself, will admire this version.

Atelier Resleriana: Ryza Seduce Con Su Versión Gal

As this skin of Ryza is so striking, it was the same fans of the franchise who were very amazed, with comments on the official publications that let us see this, such as those who loved how the girl looks like. In addition, this will open the door for not only new content, such as illustrations or cosplays to come to light, but also other girls of the saga could get to have this kind of gal style that many fans love.

Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator, was originally released as a game for mobile devices, with a constant update service, so the story, as well as the characters, were increasing with each new version of the game, which could be acquired through its gacha system. Atelier Resleriana will tell us the story of two main characters, Valeria, a girl who lost her memories and whose main mission in the story is to recover what was taken from her, and Resna is a young alchemist who longs to show the world how alchemy can be a very useful tool in this universe.

Finally, the saga achieved great popularity worldwide, not only for its games, but also in the year 2023 it had an anime adaptation of Atelier Ryza, in a story that told us the life of the beloved Reisalin “Ryza” Stout and how she started in the world of alchemy. Here we will see the different challenges she had to live to achieve to stand out in these practices, also the anime was very commented in the networks by a detail that is seen in all episodes, and is that the thighs of the protagonist stole every scene in which they appeared.

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