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Ashley Graham model proves to be the ideal princess for Legend of Zelda Live Action

Recently it was announced that the successful saga of The Legend of Zelda would be adapted into a Live Action movie, which worried and excited fans of the franchise. Immediately, everyone began to wonder which actors could play Link and Princess Zelda herself. There was a lot of speculation in recent months, but today an interesting proposal emerged: Ashley Graham’s character model in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Ella Freya shows us that she could play Princess Zelda with no problem.

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Ella Freya is a popular Dutch model and cosplayer living in Japan. Recently, she became very popular and started to accumulate a lot of followers after her role as one of Ashley Graham’s character models in the Resident Evil 4 remake that we enjoyed last year. Since then she has posted a good amount of images of her cosplays on her various social networks, but today she uploaded something that caught the attention of many: A stunning cosplay of Princess Zelda, based on her design from Tears of the Kingdom, another game that, coincidentally, was also one of the best of all of 2023.

According to the model’s tweets, it seems that in the last few days she attended the Japan Fest event in Belgium, where she claimed to have had a lot of fun. It was there that she revealed her Zelda cosplay to the public, which was very well received on social media. Not only does Ella Freya already look quite similar to the design of the iconic princess in that game, but her dress is full of details and she even took the trouble to replicate the character’s pointed ears, something that many cosplayers tend to forget. She also revealed that the destroyed Master Sword she’s holding in some of her photos was made by a friend of hers with a 3D printer, and it definitely came out great!

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These images did not take long to go viral, which made many people start to wonder: What if Ella Freya were to play Princess Zelda in the franchise’s Live Action movie? On the one hand, this cosplay showed us that she is certainly close enough to the character to be able to bring her to the big screen in an efficient way. But, on the other hand, we have to remember that Ella Freya is a model, and not an actress. In the case of Ashley Graham in Resident Evil 4, her appearance was used as a reference to create her model. But the voice acting and motion capture were done by Canadian actress Genevieve Buechner.

Nothing against Ella Freya, but this simply isn’t the line of work she specializes in. You never know what might happen, though. In case you don’t remember, The Legend of Zelda movie is currently in production. It will be in Live Action and is being developed by Sony Pictures in collaboration with Nintendo. Avi Arad will be the producer, while Wes Ball will play the role of director. For the moment, no cast members have been revealed, so everyone is still speculating about it.

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