Artist H “Mizuyan” is affected by Japan Earthquake

Mizuyan is a very famous manga artist, he is also a person who is very attentive to social networks. So last Monday he shared a post on Twitter where he showed several images of his room where you could see the disaster caused by the earthquake, which like him left many people in a state of shock for what they lived.

Artist H Mizuyan shares with his followers his experience of living through the earthquake in Japan.

Terremoto En Japón Trastorna La Vida De Artista H &Quot;Mizuyan&Quot;

On January 1st of this year, Japan was hit by a strong 7.5 magnitude earthquake, which left a considerable number of people injured, families homeless and various damages not only tangible, but also a considerable amount of psychological damage for those who had the misfortune of living through such a calamity.

When it was thought that the worst had come, it turned out that the earthquake caused a tsunami that added more physical and emotional losses for the people of Japan. Artist Mizuyan shares with us a bit of this ordeal, the words of the author are as follows:

“”Somehow I managed to survive even the aftershocks. There were no problems with computer-related things like the monitor and images… However, my mental health was affected, so it may take me a while to adjust emotionally. Forgive me.””

Terremoto En Japón Trastorna La Vida De Artista H &Quot;Mizuyan&Quot;
Terremoto En Japón Trastorna La Vida De Artista H &Quot;Mizuyan&Quot;

The earthquake that struck Ishikawa Prefecture continues to leave deaths still being counted, not to mention the number of people trapped under the rubble. Electricity as well as water were scarce or non-existent after the quake and passage to many roads were impossible because they were either covered or virtually non-existent.

As you can see, artist Mizuyan is just one of the many victims of this natural disaster that no one could have foreseen, some of the comments left for Mizuyan are as follows:

  • “A lot of anime girls are lying on the ground with their butts exposed.”
  • “It was strong enough to bring down all the figures.”
  • “Thank God the tablet is fine, so the work can continue.”
  • “He’s probably lying to make himself look good. If I had really been affected by this disaster, I wouldn’t be posting on social media.”

Artist Ominaeshi (@ominaeshin) also shared his earthquake experience, these were his words:

“Thank you so much to everyone who cared about me. I was out when it all happened and was afraid that the tsunami would reach my house, but I made it back safe and sound. The table and the shelf behind me are destroyed, so I’m very sad.”

Undoubtedly what Mizuyan and other Japanese experienced was a tragedy, one disaster led to another and many, many people were affected, many lost their lives and others will simply never be the same again. Let’s hope that Japan will come out ahead because what happened on January 1, 2024 will only be a very sad anecdote that will go down in history.

Terremoto En Japón Trastorna La Vida De Artista H &Quot;Mizuyan&Quot;