Arknights: Endfield releases 2 excellent trailers full of Lore and Gameplay

The popular tower defense & role-playing game Arknights has become a huge hit among mobile title players since its initial release in 2019. Because of this, fans were excited when Endfield, a spin-off with real-time strategy combat, was announced. Which may sound strange, but this type of gameplay can be excellent when executed well. And it looks like we won’t be disappointed, as distributor Hypergryph Network Technology and developer studio Mountain Contour have just surprised us with 2 new trailers: One focused on the game’s story, and the other with an extensive demonstration of its gameplay – and both look amazing!

Explore the intriguing storyline of Arknights: Endfield

Arknights: Endfield - Tráiler De Historia

Arknights: Endfield tells the story of Talos-II, a planet inhabited by humans for years. An ancient threat known as the Aggeloi emerges to attack people, just when Endfield Industries starts exploring the vast planet to collect information about it. The protagonist, known as The Endministrator, must explore Talos-II while defeating these mysterious beasts with the help of her allies. As they advance further into the planet, the environments will become more hostile and the enemies will become more dangerous. This promises to be a plot full of mystery, intrigue and terrifying monsters.

The first thing we can appreciate about the story of Arknights: Endfield thanks to this trailer is its huge budget. No expense was spared, since you can see that the cinematics were created with excellent 3D animation, which looks incredible for a mobile title of this type. The characters not only have very good designs, but each one will have full voice acting. It looks like it’s going to be an interesting adventure, and fans are already speculating a lot about its characters and lore. We can’t wait to experience it for ourselves.

Conociendo más sobre el gameplay estratégico de Arknights: Endfield

Arknights: Endfield - Tráiler De Gameplay, Imagen 1

We also had the opportunity to learn a lot about the main gameplay of Arknights: Endfield thanks to this extensive demo of more than 4 minutes. As we mentioned previously, this game combines real-time combat with strategy in a way that looks more dynamic and involved than in the previous installment. This time you will not travel alone, but you will feel like you are in a real team with the other characters exploring and fighting by your side. In the video we can see how the player can select different team members, each with their own weapons, abilities and wonderful special attacks. It all looks pretty deep.

But of course, this is not just an action RPG, it also has elements of strategy and tower defense. The way in which both parts of the gameplay are mixed is really ingenious: In the demo we can see The Endministrator constructing buildings, not only to resupply himself with supplies, but he also uses them to move around. The player will be able to build towers with rails that will allow you to access different areas of the map quickly and efficiently. All this is possible thanks to the clean and easy to understand interface, characteristic of the Arknights saga.

Arknights: Endfield - Tráiler De Gameplay, Imagen 2

You can tell that with this game, Hypergryph Network Technology is trying to bring its flagship franchise into the ambitious genre of vast open-world mobile role-playing games, which is being dominated by titles like Genshin Impact. However, with its beautiful graphics, intriguing story and innovative gameplay that maintains the essence of its franchise, Arknights: Endfield is likely to earn its place in this competitive industry.

It’s hard to believe when we see the screenshots, but Arknights: Endfield will be a free-to-play title for PC, iOS and Android. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a release date for this promising video game, but based on all the new footage they’ve just released, we don’t think it won’t be long now. If you’re interested and want to know more, you can visit the game’s official site.

Arknights: Endfield - Poster Oficial

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