The beautiful Ark Royal from the Azur Lane game unveils a bold and beautiful figure

The popular game Azur Lane has been a major source of collectible figures thanks to its attractive waifus, which have gained more popularity with its anime adaptation. As a result, new waifus have been constantly created, and this time they have started to sell a collectible figure of the beautiful Ark Royal, whose character design adapted to real life will leave you speechless.


This gorgeous figure of Ark Royal has been announced for pre-sale, and it is very well detailed, with her dress and the ornaments on her weapon and near her legs, making it look like she came out of a special event in Azur Lane. This figure is 1/7 scale, so for all the fans of the world of figures and Azur Lane fans, this is a great opportunity to have this lovely girl in your collection.

The figure is elegant but with a sense of power, making Ark Royal one of the favorites in Azur Lane. Her dress, weapon, and pose are all taken directly from the game, so it is one of the best physical representations of a figure. Moreover, her dress is practically a wedding dress that suits her style, making it unique and classy, as well as somewhat daring.


Azur Lane is a side-scrolling shooter game created by Chinese developers Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi and released in 2017 for iOS and Android. Set in the World War II timeline, players engage in a side-scrolling shooter game that uses anthropomorphic female characters based on the warships of the major players of the war. Other elements such as house customization and character matching are also included in the game.

About Azur Lane:

When the “Sirens”, an alien force with an arsenal far beyond the limits of current technology, suddenly appeared, a divided humanity was united for the first time.

Four countries, Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Sakura Empire and Iron Blood, formed Azur Lane, paving the way for the enhancement of modern warfare, leading to an initial victory against the common threat.

However, this tenuous union was threatened by opposing ideals, splitting the alliance in two. Sakura Empire and Iron Blood broke away and created the Red Axis faction, harnessing Siren technology to enhance their weaponry, and humanity fragmented once again.

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