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Arale from Dr. Slump falls in love as she turns into a beautiful young woman

If you are a follower of Akira Toriyama’s work, you surely know Arale Norimaki, the cheerful protagonist of Dr. Slump, who has also made some cameos in Dragon Ball, and as we remember, her appearance is small and is designed to look like a thirteen year old girl. But now a user in networks gave a reinterpretation to her look by sharing a realistic version of her where she looks like a beautiful woman, a fact that managed to shock some fans of the franchise.

Arale from Dr. Slump makes an impact with her beauty in realistic version

Dr.slump Arale Realista 4
Dr.slump Arale Realista 4

The user in charge of sharing these images on Instagram, was mysmartarts. In them, Arale retains the same wardrobe that we see her wearing in Dr. Slump, consisting of a red t-shirt, denim overalls, a red cap with her name in yellow letters and small white wings on the sides, without forgetting, clearly, her representative glasses. In some of the photographs, there are certain aspects different from his clothing, such as the color of the shirt or the cap, but these are minimal changes that do not really affect his appearance. Some elements were retained from his animated version, such as his purple hair with bangs and his pretty blue eyes.

Also of note is the fact that, in most of these portraits, she has a giggly look that is very characteristic of the girl. With the clothes she wears, you manage to make out a bit of her slender figure, so all of the aforementioned pieces, taken together, make her look quite pretty. These portraits are set in a place surrounded by nature, where we can see many trees, and this gives a very fresh and natural air to this realistic version of the protagonist of Dr. Slump.

Despite keeping the elements that most represent her, the fact of seeing her as an attractive young woman, was something that caused surprise to the followers of this Instagram account, who showed it in the comments using some emojis that denoted surprise and at the same time that they were very satisfied with the material shown in this social network. At first glance, it may be a little disconcerting to see Arale in this version, which is somewhat different from what we are used to seeing in Dr. Slump, but in the end, the result was liked by the public.

Dr.slump Arale Realista 2
Dr.slump Arale Realista 1

In Dr. Slump, Arale Norimaki is an android built by Senbei Norimaki, recognized for possessing incredible superhuman strength, but something curious is that despite her nature, she is nearsighted and that is the reason why she has to wear glasses. Arale has the personality of a deluded and somewhat comical girl; however, she has a sincere heart. Having great strength and a little girl’s attitude are not usually a good combination for her, as she can get playfully excited to the point of causing great havoc. One positive thing to mention about Arale is that she has the ability to make friends easily and quickly, as she demonstrated when she met Goku.

Despite being very distracted, she has a great protective instinct towards her friends and family, she is always willing to protect and help them, which also shows the nobility that characterizes this little android. One thing she often comments about is complaining about the size of her bust, because she is designed to look like a thirteen year old girl, but this is something that her creator is not willing to change. Despite all this, Arale has made it her mission to convince everyone in Penguin Village, her home, that she is nothing more than an ordinary girl.

Dr.slump Arale Realista 5