Aqua from Konosuba! comes to Genshin Impact in one of the best mods of the game

The Genshin Impact community continues to surprise every day, and now, to take advantage of the fact that the well-known anime KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!) is currently on air, they have decided to create a new mod that brings one of its “waifus” to the game. With this new work, the well-known useless goddess of anime, Aqua, will be playable in the Hoyoverse title, and the quality of the modification is one of the best available to date.

Aqua makes his triumphant debut in this mod that unites Genshin Impact with Konosuba!

From the popular page for sharing mods called Gamebanana comes this new work published in this case by the user wiibu, and that landed to the delight of fans of two well-known franchises: first Genshin Impact, since the modification was made in this game and, on the other hand, the anime Konosuba! In addition, the creator did a very good job to bring the “waifu” to the game, with a surprising quality.

And, as can be seen in the different images that were shared of this creation, the representation of Aqua is identical to how she is known in her anime, being that we can see how every detail was respected to the maximum so that fans feel with this what could have been a collaboration between both franchises. To make the girl look as close as possible to how she was originally known, we can see that her blue dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves is recreated in a very faithful way, as well as other aspects such as the cute and well-known ruffled skirt, as well as her high boots.

But the representation went beyond dressing a character with Aqua’s clothes, but the physical features were also modified to be as similar as possible to how she is known in Konosuba!, an example of this is her iconic light blue hair, where we can even see the accessories she wears in her hairstyle. And finally, for this mod was used as a base the idol of Mondstadt Barbara, being not a random choice, because both are known for having the ability to control the water, Aqua because she is the goddess of this element and Barbara for her Hydro type consonance.

Aqua De Konosuba! Llega A Genshin Impact En Uno De Los Mejores Mods Del Juego
Aqua De Konosuba! Llega A Genshin Impact En Uno De Los Mejores Mods Del Juego

Genshin Impact, for those who don’t know it, is one of the most popular gacha-style video games in the world, being that its combination of adventure and exploration elements with a real-time combat system with the use of elements was vital to reach the status it has today. In addition, a few hours ago the title developed by Hoyoverse started its 4.7 version, which brought many new additions, such as a new main story mission, as well as the arrival of new characters, such as Clorinde and Sethos, who are currently available, and Sigewinne, who will arrive in a few weeks.

Konosuba! is one of the most representative comedy anime of the last years, as it presents a story full of hilarious situations, as well as characters that became iconic thanks to their personality. In this story we meet Kazuma Satou, who after losing his life is transported to a fantasy world. Here he is blessed with the option to choose anything to start his new life in this universe, but the choice he makes surprises the water goddess Aqua, who would be in charge of reviving him, and our protagonist chooses her, thus beginning a journey full of funny moments.

Aqua Konosuba

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