Honkai Impact 3rd

Aponia from Honkai Impact 3rd is recreated in a detailed H figure.

Honkai Impact 3rd is one of the gacha style games that has been in the market for more years, that is why it is not surprising the large number of “waifus” that has in its playable template, with a variety that allows the community to find their favorite girl among so many options, being that this is also taken advantage of by the different companies that are dedicated to the creation of figures, and we can constantly see new products that are launched to the delight of fans, such as this new collector’s item that features Aponia, recreated in a way that all fans will love in the best H style.

Aponia enamors fans in this new Honkai Impact 3rd H figure.

Aponia De Honkai Impact 3Rd Es Recreada En Una Detallada Figura H

This new figure that is based on one of the most beautiful girls that the free to play title Honkai Impact 3rd gacha style has, as Aponia is, came to surprise the most fans of the character, and the product is made with a great quality, both in the materials used for its manufacture, the modeling work that honors the beauty of the “waifu” or accessories that accompany this collector’s item, but also, for the most detailed, the object has an H version, where part of her physique is exposed.

To recreate Aponia in the most faithful way to how she is known within Honkai Impact 3rd, players will notice that she is wearing an outfit identical to the one seen in the game, which is composed of a nun outfit which is stylized to further accentuate the figure of the “waifu”, which is one of the most voluptuous and that this product, with the high quality with which it is designed, presents it to perfection, from the prominent front area, as well as the thighs that manage to steal much of the looks.

But undoubtedly what those who want to “know” even more their favorite Honkai Impact 3rd girl will love the most is that the figure, in addition to having a lot of accessories, has an H version that allows us to see more of Aponia’s physique in detail, more precisely the front area, which is exposed leaving very little to the imagination, but also the lower area suffers the same fate, with a level of quality in the modeling that will leave more than one with his mouth open to see that area of the “waifu”, which added to the possibility of changing her face for a more “spicy” this figure will be liked by many fans.

Aponia De Honkai Impact 3Rd Es Recreada En Una Detallada Figura H

This new figure that has as protagonist the “waifu” of Honkai Impact 3rd Aponia is created by the manufacturer Artic Wolf Studio, which can be purchased in pre-sale format through the different websites dedicated to the sale of these products in different models: version A (normal face) for about $240 dollars, version B (face sticking out the tongue) for about $240 dollars and version A + B which are both faces for an estimated price of $273 dollars, all versions have the H style model. The figure is made in a 1/6 scale and has a release date for the third quarter of 2024 (July-September).

Honkai Impact 3rd is one of the video games that has been on the market for the longest time within the gacha genre, being that it was released in 2016 and is in turn one of the first great successes that the Chinese company Hoyoverse has to its name. In this title players become the Captain of the Hyperion, having under his command the Valkyrias, being in charge of equipping them with the right weapons to advance in the story that the game has and whose main mission is to fight against the Honkai, a supernatural entity that aims to destroy humanity.


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