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Anya Forger from Spy x Family becomes Dragon Ball’s Freezer on a figure.

Little Anya Forger, the protagonist of Spy x Family, has stolen our hearts and has made us laugh with her witticisms and adventures. We have seen her in many entanglements in which she has to use her wits to get out of them and help her parents, Loid and Yor in their respective missions. This time, Anya infiltrated the world of Dragon Ball in a new figure inspired by Freezer, one of the main villains of this franchise. If you want to know more about this incredible product, we invite you to continue reading this article.

Anya Forger of Spy x Family as Freezer from Dragon Ball

Spy X Family Anya Freezer Figure 2 1
Spy X Family Anya

Mimo Studio is in charge of bringing this fantastic piece in which we see Anya with her saiyajin costume on Freezer’s transport capsule. Even with this change of attire, she still retains her characteristic little horns on her head that we see in Spy x Family. The great thing about this figure, is that it includes a face change with Anya’s famous laughing face, with that funny expression she usually makes when she gets into mischief.

Previously, we have already seen Anya being part of other universes, since some time ago in social networks a trend was created where she appeared in very relevant scenes of different manga, which made that crucial moment of other stories quite funny. In many of these images she was confronted with villains or powerful characters and the context of the image was implying that Anya is stronger than all of them.

Anya Forger present in other manga universes

Apy X Family Anya Forger Crossover
Spy X Family Crossover2

The pre-sale of this item is now available, it will cost a total of $100, but a $30 deposit can be made to set it aside. It is approximately 15 cm in size and is scheduled for release in September 2024. If you are a fan of both Spy x Family and Dragon Ball, this is a unique opportunity to acquire this figure and show it off on your shelves, it’s not every day you can say you have a figure of Anya disguised as a Dragon Ball villain.

Spy x Family, a work created by Tatsuya Endo has become a very popular anime nowadays, with 2 seasons broadcasted and waiting for the premiere of its movie “Spy x Family Movie: Code: White” in American theaters, it is becoming more recognized as time goes by thanks to its entertaining story and the charisma of its characters. Recently, in this year’s Crunchyroll Awards 2024 held in February, this franchise was awarded with 2 awards, “Best Comedy” and “Character to be protected at all costs”. And definitely, Anya is a character that we must protect from any circumstance.

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