Aniplex announces a mysterious project

After the mysterious creation of a website affiliated to the anime production company Aniplex, different rumors have started to be made about it, most of them agree that it is an anime project, something that leaves fans expectant, who create their theories about the symbol. The only thing that appears on this mysterious website, a circle resembling an “O”, what mysteries await this project?

New Aniplex animated production unveiled on mysterious website

Aniplex Anime Visual 03
Aniplex Anime Visual 01Ivy Fluorite Eyes Song Anime 01

Presented by a certain Japanese media and some curious who delve into the network, to find a website affiliated with the renowned music company, anime and video games Aniplex. This site is a total mystery, which only shows a static screen with a circle around it, leaving a complete mystery that fans in different internet forums are trying to solve by relating the only clue to different anime series.

In great part, the great expectation of the fans is due to the great quality of the projects of Aniplex, who has had good series in their hands, not long ago the series of Vivy’s Fluorite Eyes Song was released, one that left everyone surprised by its musical section and its impeccable direction. This time the comments on the Twitter/X network translate as a success on the part of this advertising campaign, a very mysterious way to keep fans on their toes, something that many companies do to stay out of the way.

After some analysis, other Japanese media that are in charge of finding relevant information about these topics, has taken out the date of this January 18, where according to these media will be published more information about this enigmatic project. The anime production company, Aniplex has had different key moments in its history, a year ago at this time it was on the verge of being left with nothing, something that we have covered in this article on our website.

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Aniplex itself has not shared anything official leaving this mystery still unsupported, keeping some tension as part of this project, so we must wait impatiently to the agreed date for more information about this website/animated project that has so many fans restless, if you want to visit this enigmatic site, you can do it directly from here.

Aniplex is a company born from Sony Music Entertainment Japan, which has been in charge of different series and music albums since its creation back in 1995, being part of the production of Fullmetal Alchemist, Angel Beats, Kimetsu no Yaiba, also giving life to the Fate saga and Monogatari Series. Involved in different videogame soundtracks and videogame production, mostly of anime videogames or visual novels such as Tsukihime and Fate. We also remember him for Vivy’s Fluorite Eyes Song series and its brilliant soundtrack.

Aniplex Vivy'S Fluorite Eyes Song Ilustración 01