Anime: Students revolutionize the networks with a funny trend

As we already know the community of artists and anime fans have always taken every opportunity to show their most impressive works to the public in order to expand and make known a little more about the culture, although sometimes the trends they follow come out of nowhere, becoming quite popular. As it was in this case that a group of girls made a pose without thinking that soon after they would become very famous in social networks.

The new trend in anime created by Japanese students

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It turns out that the social media user @rasaa2020 uploaded an image to social networks where you can see a group of girls posing while the Google Maps car makes a capture in what would be a street in Japan, something that has become common when these types of cars pass by. However, the girls did not think they would become so popular due to the particularity of their poses, since several people used them as a base to create different works of anime characters.

As we can see in recent days, social network users and artists took advantage of this particular photo to portray their original creations, as well as their favorite anime characters and make this photo even better known. Such is the success that the original publication has accumulated until today a total of 107 million views, something that could be qualified as a success and that will be marked on the internet.

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As we can see, the artists flooded the social networks with these images of their favorite characters, and although the pose is very cheerful, the artists respected the personality of each character that they captured in the illustration. Even the only thing they changed was the appearance, since the background you can see of the original city of the photo, so they certainly did a great job this time.

Among the anime works that most liked we find Ram, Rem and Frederica that gives us a very cheerful and lively air that represents in a certain way their personality of each one in a great way. Another illustration that contrasts a lot is where we can see Takina and Chisato being noticed in an extraordinary way, as it usually happens with this duo, while Fuki can not follow their great mood, certainly a scene that would happen in the anime.

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We also found the characters of the anime Mushoku Tensei posing and making some expressions as are their personalities, as well as the characters of the anime Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA, which undoubtedly left their personality captured. Likewise, the Hololive Vtubers could not be left out, who were portrayed in an extremely tender way that will undoubtedly leave people enchanted.

Sometimes the things that you think you don’t do to get attention and that came out of a momentary idea, are the ones that easily become extremely popular. Let’s hope to see in the coming weeks more of these incredible works in social networks to see as many characters, both anime and otherwise, portrayed in this striking way.