Anime has become a worldwide phenomenon

Since the beginning of the century, anime was seen as something exclusive to the Japanese and the weird kids who sit in the background, something that lasted for a long time, the only exception were anime like Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Mazinger Z or Heidi. After many series were successful, the merchandise flowed, many companies took the opportunity at the beginning of the century, anime began to expand around the world until now leaving a mark.

The evolution of the anime market over the years.

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Japan has been a country known for its traditions, its cordiality and manners; neatness and language. It is constantly associated with a well-developed country and one of the best producers of technology, but nowadays, is this the case, we see that Japan is now associated with drawn characters, animations and comics full of action or romance. This drastic change is a somewhat slow process, which was triggered only a few years ago.

After recapitulating a little, we must emphasize that, the Japan Animation Association indicates that in the year 2022, foreigners were 20% of the total profits of the anime industry, something that evokes questions like, “that’s little, right?”, something that is normal, but in relation to the year 2021, they have increased by 11%, some indicate that it is because of the Spy x Family series that has become one of the symbols of anime worldwide.

In this slide, located below, we can see the progress of earnings in the anime market, in blue the domestic one and in red the one coming from abroad, we notice how in the last three years there has been a strong rebound in earnings in relation to previous years, where, for Japan this was not relevant at all. The importance of anime has been such that recently films such as The Boy and the Heron have won awards for their genius, the world has witnessed this work, which we have also reviewed in this note on our page, about this box office success that has dazzled everyone.

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The worldwide earnings in 2022 are around 1.5 billion yen, something that may be possible because of the many streaming platforms or now with the popularity of movies like One Piece: Film red ($37.47 million) or The First Slam Dunk ($279 million), which in their box office have influenced the increase of the market in the world. If you want to take a look at the statistics on your own, you can go to this post here.

We are surprised to see that this hobby, once called heresy, has expanded around the world with the efforts of many fans of the medium, something that has consolidated strong alliances that have endured to grow an industry that we all enjoy. In the future we foreigners will be able to enjoy these things closer, for example, we have recently seen the studio Koeda Animation, taking the initiative, but could you imagine a world where you can buy figures and manga just around the corner? It would be a beautiful dream that, as we see, is not so distant.

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