Anime fans unite and call for teasing to stop

The anime community in these last decades has increased considerably, at the same time that more and more people join this subculture, but also the number of criticisms, offenses and negative comments grow. Unfortunately in society criticism is still very common, when this should not be so. Each person is free to choose the community they want to belong to and the subculture they identify with. And now a user of the social network Twitter/X shared a publication that brought this debate to the surface.

Anime fans show support for post calling for criticism to stop

Fans Del Anime Piden Que Paren Las Burlas 4

It all starts with the user @joker_peaches, who through Twitter/X shared this publication consisting of an image where you can see a text is Japanese, those words translated say “Games, Idols, Anime. Don’t make fun of otaku, if it wasn’t for us, Japan would be in recession”. Along with this blunt text, the user puts in the description the word “Truth”, showing that he agrees with the thought that the post wants to convey.

Although it might seem a simple post that could go unnoticed, it turns out not to be so, as its message has gained traction among other users of the platform. The things he mentions, such as anime and other entertainment categories like video games and idols, are very characteristic factors of one of the most emblematic communities in Japan. Unfortunately, this has recently become quite attacked by the great fanaticism of its members, and they even label its members as “weirdos” just because they like this kind of things.

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Now let’s move on to the economic aspect, this anime community that is criticized so much is one of the ones that generates more income to the Japanese country, since it is too much money that moves in that industry thanks to the great successes of franchises that have become famous. This post gives us the opportunity to ask ourselves the following question: What would happen if Japan absolutely stopped producing anime, definitely the circulation of cash, tourism and the entertainment industry would collapse, and that’s just to say some consequences.

That’s why the response to this post was almost the same, many agree that they totally agree, they ask to stop stereotyping this community, as it is well known the paradigm that people have about this group. People have recently been left with the idea that this subculture is so immersed in their hobbies such as watching anime, reading manga or playing video games, that they neglect their appearance and personal relationships, affecting their socialization skills.

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However, thanks to this kind of publications, anime fans are constantly fighting to break these stereotypes, so that the attacks against them and mockery cease, since it is a community that does not really seek to attract problems with anyone. Among the comments there is a very remarkable one, because it is full of truth, which says “The world is made by otakus. In addition to photography, otakus are found in various fields such as machinery, art, film, music, mathematics, medicine, anime, etc. they have created a new future.”

And this is true, this community is increasingly conquering the world, reaching areas that would have never been imagined before. This should be a source of pride, not mockery. After years of enduring these offensive criticisms and derogatory comments, fans of anime and everything related to it are beginning to actively demand respect. The world and society must realize that this subculture is one of the main focuses that highlight Japan in the world.

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