Anime fans discuss the sadness of ending a series

It is through Reddit that many users share their thoughts on various topics of interest. This platform has become a frequent place for users to express their thoughts especially about anime. It is there where we find this curious post of a user who confesses to feel sad when watching these series, specifically when these anime come to an end, generating a wave of comments on his original publication where people from around the world share their feelings about the fact, and especially how to overcome it.

Reddit user shares that he feels sad when an anime ends

Our Dating Story

The user “aussigirl2” through the social network Reddit published a postwith which I’m sure many will identify. This interesting post touches on a situation that possibly several anime fans experience. Her post, such as it is, reads as follows “Recently, I got really into anime and never thought I would. I watched about 4 in a couple of days(A Silent Voice, Your Name, My Dress-up Darling and Our Dating Story), the last 2 being the ones that affected me the most and every time an anime ends I get this sad feeling, I want more and in some cases problems will arise later in the future.”

He also adds in his Reddit post, that it’s not really the story that generates sadness for him, rather it’s the characters he falls in love with, and for some reason the user presents a fear of not finding another anime that looks and acts like those of his favorite characters. He also highlights the fact that he does not really know why this situation and feeling happens to him, although he recognizes that his attachment is very strong to the anime he likes, that is why he believes that his feeling of sadness is greater.

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The post ends up acknowledging and accepting his feelings, but also shows great interest in knowing if anyone else within Reddit goes through the same thing or what others think about it. The responses he got were quite friendly, understanding and eager to help this user with his feeling of sadness. Among these you can see that many other users understand perfectly how he feels and that it is normal that it happens, since this type of series are known for touching in many cases the viewer’s heartstrings with moments full of emotions of all kinds.

Fortunately, he also got some great advice on how to overcome that situation. Reddit users shared with him a great tip that he can apply to not feel that way, since the user mentions that he feels sad when an anime ends, they recommend him to continue with the manga just in the part he stayed, that way he can follow the story of his favorite characters and be fully updated with the work. Undoubtedly a great tip that will hopefully help you, and that many anime fans have also applied to enjoy their favorite works.

Finally, the anime recommendations could not be missing, since “aussigirl2” mentions in her Reddit post, that she has seen only 4 titles, that yes, quite popular within the anime. That is why users shared with her a few other very good ones for her to continue with her taste for anime, among these recommendations are the favorite of many, Sousou no Frieren, The Dangers In My Heart, Violet Evergarden and Monotogari among others. Moreover, this was possible because this genre has been able to deliver all kinds of stories that connect with viewers in different ways.

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