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Anime fans debate whether Sword Art Online is as bad as they say it is

Sword Art online is a well known anime within the anime community, many people remember it with nostalgia, since it was the first anime or one of the first they encountered on their way into this world. However, over time it has been losing its charm for many otaku and has become severely criticized, calling it a very bad anime.

For this reason, a user on Reddit asked himself the question of why so many anime fans hated Sword Art Online, if he personally thought it was good and even enjoyed it, in response to this a lot of people gave their opinion to this question, surprisingly with points in favor of this anime denying the myth that it is bad. If you want to know all the details of this discussion, we invite you to continue reading the article.

Otaku come to the defense of Sword Art online in the face of criticism

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The user xScrim- on Reddit was the one who started this debate on the platform, asking the question “Why do many people hate Sword Art Online? Personally, I love it”, after this, the people of the forum responded to this question and far from saying arguments against this story, they came out in defense of Sword Art Online explaining why the criticism was unjustified and unfounded. And although each person gave their opinion in a different way and addressing different angles, the central point was basically the same, people hate it for being popular and why many issues within this anime are misunderstood.

The first of these arguments, said that some people thought it fell into the “harem” genre, which was wrong, as the feelings of the other girls had never been reciprocated. However, people did not follow the story enough to learn that Kazuto is just a weird boy who is distant from people of the same sex. There was also dislike because the story of Sword Art Online did not continue to develop in Aincraid, keeping it as a lethal game. And while this was not to everyone’s liking, this particular person liked that the anime explored other games and how technology changed reality.

Another comment said that it is because they are missing the point, claiming that Sword Art Online is bad because it has something that really isn’t true (incest for example). Or just because people liked to join the trend to be on the “popular” side. Following this same line of thought, other people added that this is the fault of the so-called “Anitubers”, that is, the YouTubers who are particularly dedicated to talking about anime and many of them only talked bad about Sword Art Online because that is what brought them views to their videos and the others just joined the trend without really watching the anime.


So as you can tell from the comments shared by otaku, contrary to what might be popularly believed by many people, Sword Art Online really isn’t that bad and is only held in that regard because it became a trend to say bad things about this story. While it’s not a perfect anime and of course it has many flaws, it’s not the worst thing ever as many anime fans say it is. And it is very easy to get carried away by other people’s opinions about something that becomes popular, however, it is worth giving it a chance on our own to create our own criteria.

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