Anime that caused a furor in its first season, but then collapsed

Each one of us knows an anime series that in its first moments has dazzled the public, taking the attention of the fans, in its time on the air, creating a solid fan base that makes this an unforgettable work. But with the arrival of its second season… it is not the same as before, those series that go from being in the spotlight, being good series, that continue, but never become the same as before.

Anime that declined after their first season

Anime Tate No Yuusha Ilustración 01

In Yahoo and Yaraon, two gigantic forums where people discuss all kinds of topics or answer different questions, a thread has been opened with the aforementioned premise, “Anime that in their first season were amazing, but then declined shockingly?”. Many users have joined this dynamic, mentioning different series that are somewhat nostalgic, that we have seen in some catalogs or that we were able to witness in their greatest splendor.

Users comment on the series that became eternal meme, in its first broadcast it was also very popular, Pop Team Epic, a constant parody comedy of different genres of anime. A series that was a trend was Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, mentioned by many users, as the call of heroes to another world was at its peak, this one featured a very fresh premise with a protagonist who resurfaces from the pain of constantly being cheated.

Another series that became an icon of the new generation of anime, Tokyo Revengers, took with its opening Cry Baby the lists of the most loved and watched… falling into oblivion after its constant change of platforms and the end of its manga. This decline of Tokyo Revengers anime has been analyzed in depth in this article of our website.

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One of the best known, Goblin Slayer has been mentioned several times by different users, since, in its first season, it caught adventurers who were used to bluffing without consequences off guard, with its first episode being a mythical moment. Others point to Re:Zero, which also had its moment to shine, bringing new elements to the genre, with characters and a brilliant premise. If you want to see the various opinions and recommendations in this thread, you can do so from here.

Perhaps because of the platforms, the waiting time, change of direction, loss of quality… different reasons that have condemned many of those named here, it is not that their successors have done badly, it is that their first seasons were so shocking that, the pedestal was left very high for their following seasons. Their moment of fame passed, but the fans have kept enjoying the present of these anime, which are good works. Which anime do you think that since its first season has fallen into oblivion?

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